Direct Business Lending - Beware Of Direct Business Lending

Posted on Sunday, January 12th, 2014 at 1:34am CST by Thomas L.

Product: Small Business Loan

Company: Direct Business Lending

Location: 1050 E 3300 S Ste 205, Salt Lake City, UT 84106-2197


Category: Business, Finances

Where to start with this company? My wife and I decided against our good judgment to sign up with Direct Business Lending's "services". We saw all the complaints online and after talking to Adam and our case manager Cameron both sounded professional and knowledgeable about the subject and very confident about getting lending. This is where the professionalism stops!

We have been with them for two months now and have every excuse in the book for people calling us late, not calling us at all, or calling us with excuses as to why no new work had been done. We were told by both Cameron and Adam that it would take about a month to have everything completed and ready to be sent to lenders. After two months of waiting and wondering the only thing that had been done was a sad pathetic excuse for a business plan with misspellings and typos included.

Really the worse did not start until roughly three weeks ago when we started attempting to contact them with some sort of update but have received nothing. Every time we call we get someone stating "we will get somebody to call you back within 10 minutes" and nobody ever would. It would either be that or nobody would answer at all, and sending emails met with the same results of no answers. Last call I was very angry and spoke with Danielle who stated she was getting the CEO Mr Jantzen Fugate to call me back within 10 minutes, no call was ever received. If the CEO is this disrespectful of his customers, it says worlds for the company as a whole.

It has been two days since being ignored by the CEO and we are cutting ties to Direct Business Lending. We were hoping that this would work out since we are moving forward in the process of opening our business and needed the quick lending that DBL was offering. We are now working with the local small business development center which is a free service and most areas have them. Our SBDC has provided more in the same amount of time than DBL and it is FREE. I hope people read this and turn away from this company; these people are nothing more than common crooks that would rob and steal to make a dollar. How places like this stay open is beyond me, take it from my wife and I, take a little more time to research possible local alternatives. You may think these free services take more time but at least it will be done correctly, in a timely manner, and without giving your hard earned money to these criminals.


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