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Posted on Friday, January 10th, 2014 at 11:22pm CST by JHR

Product: legal documents on-line- SCAM !


Location: Canadian Company


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The system is set up to trick people into a FREE TRIAL however you unknowingly agree to a "subscription"and it is very difficult to cancel by design. I assure you I did not willingly agree to $33.00 a month and I assure you they did not send an e-mail to the address listed on the sign up as any legitimate business would. The number of consumer complaints leads one to believe LawDepot is set up to deliberately deceive customers. BBB has 89 complaints yet rate them A+. How does that work? Apparently a satisfied customer is not their goal or the goal of BBB. When you call they lie about most everything. DON"T TRUST WHAT THEY TELL YOU. Ask for a confirmation e-mail, which you will not get. Their FREE trial becomes a contract for monthly billing of $33.00 by adhesion. BE VERY CAREFUL. NOTHING they said in any phone call has come to pass. They are set up to deceive and they do that well. That doesn't make them good guys. They are low life thieves taking money from customers who believed and trusted their advertising and who were duped - not clearly understanding they'd be married for life to LawDepot. They DO NOT issue an invoice or provide any notice to alert the customer to their nefarious tactics. They put nothing in plain sight. They refused to send me the terms and conditions which I allegedly agreed to. If they operated in an open and fair method to which they elude, their little scam would fold in no time. They are penny wise and pound foolish. Cheap scoundrels of the lowest kind. My complaint shall next be sent to the state Attoneys General.

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Betty B., 2014-10-13, 10:04AM CDT

Be very aware...I checked out Law Depot for a "Free trial", but when I tried to cancel just before my trial ended I tried to go to their website and kept getting this message no matter what browser I tried-"This webpage is not available" and then "The server where this webpage is located is not responding."

That leaves no way to cancel. It seems to be a scam to get a monthly fee...there is NO FREE TRIAL! Be aware, I wish I had checked out complaints first.

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