Payless 4 Lighting - Sent Wrong Merchandise

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at 1:41pm CST by Bruce S.

Product: Eiko 60w bulbs

Company: Payless 4 Lighting

Location: 23699 Shelburne Rd.


Category: Home, Garden

I ordered 6 100w light bulbs and 8 60w light bulbs. The 8 60w light bulbs I received were not the ones I ordered. The ones I received were almost 50% dimmer than the ones I ordered.

I asked the vendor to take back the incorrect bulbs and send me the ones I ordered. He told me that he had no more of the ones I order, that he would give me a $3.04 credit and that I should keep the bulbs he sent me. I responded that 57% of the order he sent was incorrect and, hence, I wanted a credit of 57% of the cost of the entire order which was $15.88. He responded that he now intended to give me only a $1 credit.

The vendor's website states that he has a return policy that if not satisfied for any reason he will pay shipping charges if the return is due to a Payless error. He has refused to pay for the return shipping even though he admits it was Payless' error in that he did ship the wrong product to me.

I now have 8 bulbs that I cannot use and this vendor refuses to take responsibility for his error, incorrect advertising (the items were listed as available) and to abide by his own stated return policy.


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