LAGAH EXPORTS - I didn't get the hair I payed for

Posted on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 7:53pm CST by Beverly H.



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LAGAH EXPORTS IS HORRIBLE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. I ordered a 18" lace wig and a 20 and 22 inch double drawn weft. I paid over $680.00 for it, and he reassured me that it was the best. He sent me a 10" wig instead of 18" and it was soooo cheaply made the lace and this orange fabric they use has so much stretch, no structure and extremely flimsy it just rolled off your head. The double drawn was so dry and full of grey and may have started the inches I ordered but they cut 2" across the bottom so they can call it double drawn and both came two inches shorter than I ordered. I let him know I would let people know about his company (which I don't think he has, because it took three weeks for him to send, and it wasn't a special order) It's obvious he's lying about having a manufacturing companies. He sends away for it himself, but he's listed as a manufacture. At any rate he said he would just say I was another manufacturer trying to make his company look bad instead of improving there own quality. Other companies won't give you info about them because they don't want to get caught bad mouthing other companies, so I need you to know I am honest about the truth I have told you about LAGAH EXPORTS. I'm not trying to hide. My name is Beverly Houston, I am the owner of several Salons, and you can skype or find me on facebook using my name, also my number is 856-3442940 to contact me. He says people lie on him but I am NO lier, I just don't think he should get away with taking peoples money, and if I can help others I will. PLEASE feel free to contact me any time They are a horrible company and won't even give me a refund for the balance of 18" wig verses the 10" they sent me. He just blamed his employees. WHAT EMPLOYEES???? This man stays in business because he accuses people of lying. PLEAS JUST BE CAREFUL


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Business Reply  LAGAH EXPORTS, 2014-01-16, 04:37PM CST

Dear Beverly Houston,

We do not understand why you are reacting so much.

As a business person we told you that if you do not like the wig then as per our replacement policy we are ready to replace that after checking the error. and you are just spending your precious time to defame us, even you have defamed us so much we are still ready to be on our words that you can send us the wig back and we will check and replace that.

Moreover if you say you do not like the construction of wig then why you want us to pay you back the difference of 10 inches and 18 inches. Moreover you are sending us so much threatening emails that you will defame us by posting then you can proceed with what you want . We are in this business for more than 16 years and if we were supplying so much bad hair then we must not be able to survive for such a long time and right now we have send our hair to more than 75 countries all over the world and a lot of returning and regular customers.

SO send us the wig back and we are still ready to issue you replacement even after your so many hot words about our company.

Plus you have to send us apology letter here and take down all the posts before we entertain your replacement.

Moreover you must be having patience as a business person if you want to grow because we are in a fashion business and we must be dealing in a professional way, we could do a lot of business but you are more interesting in playing on internet posting rather than getting solution of your concerns, so how will you deal with your customers if they complaints ?

So kindly have some business life and deal like a business person.

Hope we can resolve this issue mutually rather than these nik nakes!

waiting for your reply.

LAGAH EXPORTS, 2014-01-10, 04:48AM CST

Dear Beverly Houston,

As we have already requested you to remove all the posts you have done all over internet, send our hair back and we are ready from your first mail to send you replacement or refund, but you are more interested in sending us threatening emails and defaming us .

Even after you have done so much we are still cooperating to you.

plus for your information kindly check the exports documents send to you with your shipment where its from.

Its not drop shipment but directly from LAGAH EXPORTS.

So please remove all the posts you have done and send the wig back either for replacement or refund.

Waiting for your kind reply soon!



Business Reply  LAGAH EXPORTS, 2014-01-23, 05:16PM CST

Dear Ms. Houston, ,

Kindly understand that we will send you refund when you will have deleted all the complaints.

What we are asking you only to delete the complaints first and we are ready to accept the wig after sending you payment.

Moreover you was saying that Mayor is against us so we would like to inform you that we have contacted your mayor Mr. John Nicholson `s office and have send him an email regarding this issue too. His assistant lady told us that they will forward this mail to the Mayor and they will help us to resolve this issue too. Plus if needed we will send our legal representative to his office too to discuss this matter.

From this you can understand that we are seriously willing to resolve your issue positively asap.

So kindly remove all the posts to let us issue you refund of USD 303 and then you can send our wig back to us.

You can understand that doing all this is a lot expensive to the company but for us the issue is not USD 303 refund but the policy of the company and in our business everything is done in a systematic manner and a single person can not take decision.

Kindly comply with it and remove all the posts against our company so that our marketing department will check that and let us know and as we receive confirmation from our marketing department about removal of all the posts by you, we will forward instructions to our accounts department to issue you the refund to the same bank account from where we receive the payment and as funds move from our bank account we will forward you our address where you can send our hair back to us.

Anticipating an affirmative reply soon!!




Business Reply  LAGAH EXPORTS, 2014-01-23, 05:09PM CST

Dear Ms. Houston,


Our manager received call from your Mayor office and it was told to him that Mayor is not aware about all this and they have never discussed about our company.

Mr. John Nicholson said us to send his communications details wit you to let him see what is happening.

But you told us that Mr. Mayor is against us , and from his talk it seems as he is not aware about all these.

Anyhow , we left all these things behind and again request you to remove all the posts to let us issue you refund within a week because our wig is with you from many days and as per our returns policy it is mandatory for the customer to send the hair back within 3 working days after receiving to let us issue the refund.

If we do not sort out this issue within a week then it may be difficult for us to issue to refund or replacement.

So kindly understand that our business is done according to policies and procedures and no one here can go against these.

Rest you have written that we do not have factory and we are a small reseller, so you are most welcome to Indian and we will specially show you the factory and production so that you must be able to see how much production we have and how much employees our company is feeding.

Waiting for your kind reply!




LAGAH EXPORTS, 2014-01-22, 05:05AM CST

Reply from Mr. Mayor to LAGAH EXPORTS

Dear Ms. Beverly Houston,

We are surprised by the reply of Mr. Mayor ,

Below is the reply we have received :

[email protected]

12:28 AM (15 hours ago)

to me

Dear S. K. Lagah,

I'm very sympathetic to the dilemma you are facing. Honestly, in my letters to our residents I have talked about the dangers of social media. Much inaccurate information is disseminated and no one is held responsible. In an effort to be brief yet let you know what the facts are, here are some points:

1.)Beverly Houston does exist and she answered her phone. However, she claims she has no knowledge of your company.

2.)Her address Winding Way does not exist in my town.

3.) Fortunately, my wife has beautiful natural hair and does not wear wigs or hair extensions.

4.) I do not have the power to stop anyone from doing business in the USA. Even in my own town I can not stop someone from opening a business as long as they follow our town ordinances.

5.) If you do come to USA to expand your business please come look at my town we have great location and always welcome new companies.

6.) As an elected official I have little or no recourse against libel or slander. On the other hand you might consider legal help.....I believe you have greater options.

I truly wish you well in with your problem and I am serious that we welcome new business'.



John "Jack" Nicholson Jr.

Mayor of Clementon Borough

101 Gibbsboro Road

Clementon, NJ 08021

[email protected]

Office: 856-783-0284

Cell: 609-790-1238

We have send reply to Mr. Mayor in response of his this email and put you in CC.




Attached is the scan of the email.

Or anyone can see this email on our website on below link too :

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