NCO Financial Services - Investigating my credit illegally and harassment

Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 2:56pm CST by 25032201

Company: NCO Financial Services

Location: NB, CA

Category: Government, Police

I have been carefully rebuilding my credit over the past few years. It has been a slow but productive campaign. I note recently that NCO had placed an enquiry into my credit without my permission. This is illegal.

NCO or their assigns (Bond) or (CCA) contacted me a few months back and said I owed approx. $ 8,000.00 to AMX. I disagreed suggesting that would be impossible given my income those 10 years ago. After telling me I should be ashamed of my credit history I suggested in F words that they do not know a F**king thing about it. And I hung up. Since then their computer has called my phone daily. This alleged debt is well over 7 years old, not on my credit profile (although they tried to place it their) and still I am being harassed.

My question is for Governments at all levels in Canada - where the hell are you? Your job is to protect the citizens against criminal activity by filthy scum like this - yet everyday, unknowing, uneducated and frightened citizens are being abused.


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