Sears - Sears installed furnace boiler fails, Sears does nothing

Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 3:31pm CST by Kathleen B.

Product: Kenmore-Dunkirk furnace boiler

Company: Sears

Location: Aviation Mall, Aviation Road, Queensbury, NY 12804


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

On 12/24, at 2:30 pm, we realized we had no heat. Guests were arriving for Christmas.

We called Sears immediately, and they initially promised a service call on 12/31. We begged, and they moved it up to 12/28. We had neither heat nor hot water, as the boiler provided both. Examination of the boiler showed 3 spontaneous leaks coming through its side.

We limped through Christmas (our guests shortened their stay...!), and showered at the neighbors. We called Sears multiple times. A repairman came out on 12/27 (more begging), and said it was "obvious" the boiler needed replacement. He made several calls but Sears insisted that they could do nothing until a contractor saw it also.

The contractor came out 12/30 and said "this is a no-brainer, it needs replacement."

Meanwhile, we bought a separate water heater and had it installed at our expense (not from Sears!), as going through the snow to the neighbors to shower was getting pretty old. That plumber also said the boiler needed replacement.

Every time I call Sears, I get no where. The last call on 1/3 lasted 1 hour, and I got shifted from one department to another. I was told that the approval for the replacement occurred on 12/30 (though we were not informed), but that it still had to go through "stack" before it could be arranged. I asked to speak to a manager, who was quite rude (their office is in Florida. It got to -25 at my house at night at that time...)

So far I have: called Sears more times than I can count. I even cried over the phone.

wrote to Sear's CEO a letter of complaint and sent it registered mail (no response)

emailed NYS consumer protection agency (no response)

contacted my home owner's insurance

contacted Sears' liability insurance carrier

contacted my state senator and the State attorney general's office (no joy there)

We have incurred the following expenses: 4 space heaters (electric) which Sears says they will not reimburse us for because we did not buy them from Sears (although they were purchased emergently at 4 pm on Christmas Eve),

circulation fans to circulate the (limited) heat from our wood stove insert

lots of wood for our fireplace wood stove insert,

a blower for our wood stove insert (not yet delivered),

an emergency electrician visit at night when we blew out a circuit breaker and damaged the electrical panel (old house) from use of the electric heaters,

bought a free standing hot water heater so that we could shower at home (and wash dishes and do laundry) and had it installed (not by Sears!)

We have not yet received the electrical bill reflecting the use of all these space heaters, but I don't want to think of how much that will cost!

We are pretty desperate. Sears has had no contact with us since 1/3 when I last called them. It is 3 degrees outside right now, and I can think of no reason why this is taking them so long. They won't even tell us if there will be any costs to us for installation when and if we get the new unit.

We can't even leave to go to a friend's house or hotel, as we need to stay here to reload the wood stove every 3 hours to make sure the pipes don't freeze. This includes waking up every 3 hours during the night to do this (my husband, bless his soul, is doing the night call. He says it is like having a newborn in the home...)

The original unit cost over $9000, so we can't just buy a new one and forget this whole mess, and we should not need to as we are "covered" by manufacturer's warranty and the Sears service contract. Any help would be appreciated!


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