Shutterfly - Shutterfly: Stay Away

Posted on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 at 4:46pm CST by William C.

Product: Photo Cards

Company: Shutterfly

Location: 2800 Bridge Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065


Category: Online Shopping

Used them for three years, the first good. The second OK. The third not good at all---worse. The website is harder to use; it drops photos and you have to start again from nada, zip, zero. They mailed a "huge order" (300 cards: same as the first two years---which they managed to deliver in one order) in split shipments so that one arrived FEDEX and the other days later by US Mail. That was annoying and truly more annoying after one reached their smug help desk. Chat was OK but offered no help, just a phone number for the escalator team. Ask yourself how bad things must be to need an escalator team listening to complaints. The team? Well, they have policies you'll enjoy if you like a rock in your shoe.

Enough: Stay away. Hope that they learn from competition. They have merged with too many companies it seems and choked, perhaps? on their purchase from Kodak.


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