Superjeweler - Disappointing shopping experience from on Ebay

Posted on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 at 5:54am CST by boo e.

Product: 14k white gold necklace with 1/4crt diamond pendant

Company: Superjeweler

Location: NY, US


Category: Jewelry, Watches

An attractive pricing sale from one of the biggest sellers on Ebay my attention.14k white gold necklace with 1/4crt round cutting diamond,for only?$99.99.Perfect for my NewYear gift to surprise her.============Ordered it with excitements, anticipation,?took more than 3 days to finally confirm shipping.Tracked the parcel and it was delivered so far so good.============Until one morning,I received a phonecall from Fedex Import Team,asking me to provide?Commercial Invoice?of this item.According to my trading experiences,this is the type of invoice that only seller could provide,and I have no copies of it.So I answered "No,I don't have the invoice with me.""Ok,we will get in touch with your sender instead,"that's all I heard from the call.============As for my knowing,this package would never pass customs without that invoice.Instantly I emailed through Ebay about this issue.=============Another day passed,I tracked this parcel again to only realize it?still stuck?in customs.I had to know what happened,since I got no replies from both Fedex and of anxiety, I called Fedex.According to them,this parcel still could not be released by customs?because they haven't got any replies from my sender,which was double-checked Superjeweler's email with Fedex,and added other possible contact information of this seller to their knowing.(You could easily find a seller's contact information?through the email of Paypal receipt on that transaction)"Ok I have updated your case and emailed this seller for Comercial Invoice".?Fedex answered.=============I was surprised to realise the fact that SuperJeweler was probably unreachable,?since this was my first deal from them(with fingers crossed,hoping this was not a scam),and this was meant for a NewYear gift(though I knew it meant no more due to the delay of package,but I'd still give it a try).=============I waited until it was their business opening time?and used the?Live Contact?of their website -SuperJeweler.comhoping to at least reach someone from their office.Good thing after I sent the message about this issue,a representative named?Elizabeth?signed into this chatroom?and replied me with extremely short answer,?"K we'll reply to that Fedex email".=============Another day passed,I received a phonecall from Fedex that told me?they have received the Commercial Invoice,but still needed to enquire me some questions?because that invoice?was not filled completely.I cooperated and answered them everything I knew about this sale and this necklace,it was almost like an interrogation.After I hung the call,I had mixed feelings.Good thing the wait was worthwhile,?seemed like?Elizabeth?did look into my case.Even though the invoice shouldn't be left out in the first place,and the resubmitted one was not filled completely,well, at least the needed invoice was finally provided.==================What would happen if I did not use that?Live Chat,then this seller would still be unreachable?and my parcel was left there to?rot?I sent message to again through Ebay to update them about this case?and to thank?Elizabeth.I also expressed in that message telling them?I?didn't?feel good about how they were being?unreachable.===============Another day passed,I tracked this parcel again and found that it had finally been released by customsbut had a?indefinite?delivery period with?Shipment Exceptions status.Again getting no replies from Fedex and Superjeweler,I chose to call Fedex again to look into this case.They said because of the delays on custom paperwork,now this parcel had to wait for days or weeks to get back on track again.Now it's confirmed that my NewYear gift plan was ruined.=============I sent message to Superjeweler again?to update this case and told them?because of insufficient document provided,my parcel went into a indefinite delays.============So more days passed,it was still the same status whenever I tracked this parcel.Still getting?no replies?from both Fedex and SuperJeweler,I knew I could only?wait.This was a?frustrating?stage,not sure when this wait would be over.============Another day passed,I finally received the shortest reply from SuperJeweler,"We'll in touch with them,"and that was a reply to my?very first?message to them about this case.Wow,if I had to wait until this very moment only for you to respond,and did not use that Live Chat function to get this problem solved,my parcel would really go?rotten.I replied to that message instantly telling them about?how I felt and how disappoined I was,especially since they were such big and power seller on Ebay,I expected?more and better?from them.==============By the end of that day,I checked my parcel and the status?finally?changed to?Released by Customs, In Transit.Good thing I made moves?first?before SuperJeweler was able to assist me with anything(In fact,?nothing?besides?Elizabeth's part)===============Finally the wait was?over,?doorbell rung,and this?dying?parcel finally arrived.I couldn't express how?excited?I was,I thought I was about to jump-hug that delivery man.It was no longer NewYear when the parcel was here.But at least this parcel was no longer?suffering?in the customs.================I opened it with anticipation,yet it was?dissatisfying.Packaged badly, a?zip-locked bag?with everything stuffed inside.Sloppy?giftbag with a cheap pearl chain inside of it.The certificate card of the diamond looked?fabricated.The blue?cardboard?box was?no-way?described as elegant.=================Opened it,?listless?necklace lying inside.Sponge was trimmed?uneven.The chain was?too fine, almost?breakable.(I strongly suggest?not to?wear that fine chain to?avoid breakage)Diamond looked okay but the clarity was definitely?not?there.I wondered if it would worth the price that certificate stated.==================I sent another message to SuperJeweler to inform them about the package arrivaland told them the quality of the whole package could be improved.With?disappointment, I went to bed.==================Another day passed and I received the following response from SuperJeweler:?"The package arrived in 1 week from the U.S, before New Years.This has been by far the?worst buyer experience?we have ever encountered.Very?unfair."What a?big?accuse!It?did?arrive after NewYear.They were the unfair one to accuse me as the?worst?buyer.===================I?obliged?as a buyer,paid?instantly,contacted them?instantly?when the parcel was stuck in customs,which obviously was?not?my fault for leaving out Commercial Invoice for paperworks.=================After all those messages I sent, they?only?responded by now!================1. Missed out commercial invoice which caused this parcel hadindefinite?delays.2.?Unreachable?and?never?reply to my emails.3. Did?not?keep me updated in time about this case.4. Did?not?provide me any assistance or professional advices on this issue.5. Serve me?badly?by replying extremely short response.6.Accusing?me as their worst customer.7. It's clearly their mistake in the first place by leaving out the invoice,yet they?don't?think they owe me any apologies.8. Made my NewYear gift?pointless?now.=================All those points just officially made SuperJeweler?the most?disappointing?seller I have encountered.===================Buyers are?not?here just for shopping leisure,but for a great customerservice?as well.I have had?pleasant?shopping experiences from those little sellers origin from?Chinaland,who speak?imperfect?English yet serve customers so?well.They respond?fast,even with broken grammar,still?good?communications.==================SuperJeweler is one of the?most?power-sellers on Ebay,I?trusted?them but the fact spoke?differently.They really should put themselves into buyers' shoes, and to be moreconsiderate.===================Just look at how many?negative?feedbacks they received?only?a few days since January 2014,these comments speak?louder.====================If you were a?buyer?reading this post,be very?cautious?when trading online and internationally.Power-sellers?don't?always mean they are good at serving,communications,and providing good quality of packaging and products.=======================If you were a?seller,keep in mind that?good?communications and after-sale?service,honesty,sincerity,would?help?cover up all the other flaws in your business.Once?good?impressions?are left and customers are pleased,they will patronize your store more often,a win-win situation!=======================Thanks for reading my long post,if you have any good/bad shopping experiences to share,or any comments about this post,feel free to respond.======================


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