FEMA Appeals Section - Denied Benefits for insane reasons

Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 11:35am CST by Rene M.

Product: Government benefits

Company: FEMA Appeals Section

Location: UI DIVISION, PO BOX 4730, ABERDEEN, SD 57402-4730

URL: sd.gov

Category: Government, Police

Please help me, We had a blizzard in my area and it was declared a disaster area by FEMA. So I applied since I lost 6 weeks of business due to the blizzard and damage.

They denied me, the government never wants to do the right thing unless they are forced to.

So here is the letter they sent me and my tax form. Any one that thinks this is WRONG then send it in because there are strength in numbers. If I send it in it will not accomplish anything.

They will turn me down because I am a small business owner, they only help big business.


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1. first they state that I am possibly eligible for 137 dollars, over the phone they said 345 for 6 weeks.

2. they based it on the sales in my business and not on my personal salary or what I can take to pay my bills. I have to apply personally and not on behalf of the business.

3. They state I have a negative income. They used the number after business losses and not my personal salary. They just use whatever number they want.

4. The eligibility statement makes no sense, So now they state I get ZERO. They state: You are not unemployed as a result of the disaster and therefore not eligible for DUA benefits. Records show your place of business is located in a high traffic area. ?-This is extremely funny since how does a high traffic area have to do with a blizzard that damages trees and closes roads. And I am on a side street, I am not in a high traffic area. Well maybe from Aberdeens point of view any street in Rapid City is high traffic as there may be more than one car on a road at a time...LOL.

No traffic due to snow, trees down and most of city without electricity.

Tree clean up for next 4 to 6 weeks. Money spent on tree removal = lost business.

Ranchers lost 50 to 80 percent of their cattle. NO money to fix ranch cars/trucks = lost business.


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