Sanlam Policy - Error on Sanlam side now I need to loose my money

Posted on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 at 8:43am CST by Masnoona A.

Company: Sanlam Policy

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

I had a policy with Sanlam since 2007 only to find out in September 2013 that the policy lapsed.I was not notified of anything and when I finally called in to Sanlam to change my debit order date,only then I found out that my policy lapsedmWhen further investigations was done on Sanlam side,they confirmed that one of their employers changed details on my account without my knowledge.I have been in contact with Sanlam via my previous employer email adress([email protected])and distinctly advise that I won't be working there in October and the should contact me via my personal email adress([email protected]).Ever since I left my work there was no contact made by Sanlam with me.I have paid over R13000 on this policy thus far and is not prepared to through that money down the drain or just give it to Sanlam.I want my money back PLEASE!!!


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