Boless Inc./Heafey/Samir Chowieri - Boless Inc./Heafey/Chowieri Group

Posted on Monday, December 30th, 2013 at 10:48pm CST by Charles D.

Product: Contractors

Company: Boless Inc./Heafey/Samir Chowieri

Location: GATINEAU, QC, CA


Category: Real Estate

Boless Inc., Pierre Heafey and Samir Chowieri own the duvernay motel in Gatineau, Quebec. They have a scam whereby they rent out these rooms but on a long term basis. The tenants there are usually on welfare or disability. If these tenants make complaints about the upkeep, cleaniness or problems, these owners throw them out on the street without notice. They tell the tenants they do not have any rights as they are running "a motel" and therefore do not fall under the tenant/landlord agreement by the province. However, these tenants have lived there for 2, 3 or 10, 20 years or more and consider this place their home. But Boless Inc., with Denis Ouellette at the helm and Pierre Heafey and former owner Samir Chowieri get away with running a long term boarding facility where tenants do not have rights and they use oh 'we are a motel business' and you people don't have any rights. Stay clear of this motel offering you long term residence because they will throw you out if you make complaints on this disgusting low life place.


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