Super WalMart - Security??

Posted on Saturday, December 28th, 2013 at 3:16am CST by Philip F.

Product: Stores, Shopping

Company: Super WalMart

Location: Banning, CA

Category: Stores, Shopping

After checking out at this Super Wal-Mart I, and all shoppers, was confronted by a "security" person who sought to examine my bags, somewhat as they do at Costco, for example. The difference is that Costco does not bag purchases, nor do they furnish the customer with anything except a receipt. I'll stand for their checks. I will not stand for Wal-Mart's checks since it is not possible to get a bag of merchandise without passing though a checkout line (which is of course subject to loss control). Most recently, therefore, I confronted the "security" person and roared at him that if he believed I was a thief to call the policeman who was only two blocks away. I did not hurry to my car, and he did nothing, even missing a few shoppers who followed me.

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ce6f32d0, 2013-12-29, 08:07AM CST

You "roared" at someone who does not make policies or rules, was just doing their job to earn a paycheck, pay their bills and put food on their tables. What a swell person you are! If you really have a problem with the security protocol, then take it up with Corporate, you know, the people who actually MAKE THE @#%$#@$#@$ RULES!!!!! Coward!

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