Superior Gunsmithing & Custom Shop, LLC - Screwed by Gunsmith

Posted on Saturday, December 28th, 2013 at 7:06pm CST by Richard R.

Product: PPK 380

Company: Superior Gunsmithing & Custom Shop, LLC

Location: 15B North Robeson Street


Category: Other

Toward the end of September 2013, my husband brought his PPK 380 to Superior Gunsmithing & Custom Shop, LLC, and asked Mr. Hoffa, the owner & gunsmith, if he could repair the handgun because the magazine would drop out of the gun after the 1st round was fired. He was assured that Mr. Hoffa could correct this problem very simply. He was told to leave the gun and it would be repaired in a couple of weeks. He checked back on 2 separate occasions over the past 3 months and was told by Mr. Hoffa that he didn't get to it yet but it should be done in about 2 weeks. Today (12/28/13) my husband went to the shop and was informed by Mr. Hoffa that he still didn't have the time to work on my husband's gun. Superior had my husband's gun approximately 3 months and it had still not been repaired yet, according to Mr. Hoffa, it was a simple repair. My husband requested his gun back and was presented with a bill for $43.50. When my husband questioned the bill, stating no repairs whatsoever had been made, he was advised that Mr. Hoffa had taken it to the range and just didn't have the time to repair it. Mr. Hoffa further advised him that he could leave the gun and he might get to it in about 2 weeks. My husband declined his offer and paid the bill. He had no choice, he wanted his gun back! Needless to say, my husband will never go back to Superior and will also let his friends know not to consider using Superior for anything!


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