Us airways - Don't take first class on Us airways-they do not respond to customer complaints_no phone #

Posted on Saturday, December 28th, 2013 at 11:38am CST by Lori M.

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Company: Us airways

Location: 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85034
PHOENIX, AZ, 85034, US


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1. We traveled first class from Las Vegas to Philadelphia and worst non existent service by flight attendant. We had to go to coach flight attendants for service.

2. This was a 5 hour flight with one beverage service and one meal that was taken away from me because I was too slow. Flight attendant told me he was on a schedule.

3. On 3rd drink request told there was a limit on drinks in first class. Note I was drinking canned beer and this was a five hour flight of vacation. And we paid for first class, no free upgrades.

4. No coffee or additional drinks served and asked a coach flight attendant in back 2.5 hours into flight if we could pay for beverages who kindly and graciously said no, and came up to first class and served us. The male flight attendant yelled at her in front of us and threatened to report her. She said conversation was over and went back to coach area in back. hE FOLLOWED HER TALKING LOUDLY borderline yelling. He did not return to first for ten minutes. We were very afraid of this man as were the other flight attendants.

5. Upon his return he sat in the kitchen area out of sight and came down aisle two more times to pick up garbage, not from us, and get the person behind whose flight attendant light was on a drink.

6. No coffee or further drinks were offered to us after second beer.

7. My husband had one baileys and coffee, nothing else in first class and he was intimidated by this guy who could all the controls do anything he darn well wanted and believe me he knew it.

8. The first class bathroom was broken and this guy didn't apologize or tell anyone it was broken. Though the flight attendant (before I asked for a drink) apologized to me as I walked from seat 1d in first class all the way to the back to use the bathroom.

9. Flight attendant was a jerk and ruined our traditional first class flight and put our safety in jeopardy.

10. And maybe this should be #1, us airways has no customer service phone number and I have contacted them four times via the only means possible, there customer complaint website form and no one has responded. I called several departments who all said the us airways web site was the only way to log a compliant.

11. Unless it is free, never take first class in us airways and when possible use any airline but us airways. Unfortunately we live in Philly and this is a hub. Terrible, terrible customer service and worst first class trip I have ever been on.

12. We would have moved to coach but there was no seats available and that guy would have diverted the plane. I am not kidding this was a unstable lazy jerk.and because us airways doe not have a customer service response team he will be there forever.

13. I hope the three female in coach do not get in trouble. The flight attendant Kim was amazing and was so apologetic and kind. The male flight attendant (I know his name but won't say), was a lazy empowered bully.

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c64d3987, 2015-07-31, 09:18PM CDT

Please take a look (at least the 1st page) on "FEDERAL REGISTER" Part IV: Department of Transportation" in many issues to protect consumers:

The Department of Transportation is issuing a final rule to improve the air travel environment for consumers by ... "increasing the number of carriers that must respond to consumer complaint"...

or ?399.87 Baggage allowances and fees.


Please search for the above document or follow:

Mike Tran

[email protected]

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