Shoppers Drug Mart o/a F.Lo Pharmacy Ltd. - Paranoid cosmetic sale representative

Posted on Friday, December 27th, 2013 at 12:17am CST by Charles A.

Product: Rebecca, cosmetic sales representative

Company: Shoppers Drug Mart o/a F.Lo Pharmacy Ltd.

Location: 8865 Yonge street


Category: Stores, Shopping

On a cold Thursday night in December 2013, I go to a Shoppers Drug Mart with my bag in order to buy items over there as soon as I walk in I see a Cosmetic sales representative by the name of Rebecca doing nothing but bending down and looking at something near the entry door.

I was not greeted by Rebecca at first like most Shoppers Drug Mart stores usually do. Anyways I go and buy my groceries until I see this Rebecca passing by me quickly staring at me. I ignored at first as I thought she probably wanted something.

I then go near the front counter to get a shopping basket (I don't know why Shoppers Drug Mart doesn't place their shopping baskets near the entry door?) I then hear heavy and fast foot steps behind me and then I see Rebecca again, she then tried to lift her eyes off me but I saw that she was giving me a dirty look.

The night manager by the name of Amar then approaches her and as I was going back to the food isle, I overheard him saying to her "What's wrong?" I then hear her telling him something discriminatory about me and he then looks at me and sees me looking at him.

I then approach Amar and ask him "Is there a problem with your Sales rep following me repeatedly around the store?" He then plays dumb with me and says "Who?" I then said to him that "Chinese lady with the short hair who works at cosmetics" he then says "nothing."

As I was about to leave the store I see this paranoid Rebecca approaching me again and this time I decided to confront her and ask her why she was following me around the store. She then mumbles to herself "Damn Flip" which is derogatory for a Filipino person as I am one.

Anyways I told her that I was doing nothing but shopping there and with her hovering over me makes me uncomfortable. She then tells me "that's what I was trained to do sir." I then told her then why won't Loss Preventions or Security take care of that? She then told me "We don't have loss prventions."

She then told me "Your bag was open sir." My bag was never open. Why would I leave my empty bag open when going shopping. Aren't people allowed to bring their shopping bags with them in order to not to pay 5 cents for plastic bags? I see many people go shopping there with their bags as they allow you to do so.

This is a load of lies. Why would Shoppers Drug Mart (a Billion dollar grocery and drugstore company not have security or loss preventions?) And furthermore why would they "train" Rebecca, a short Chinese woman with short hair that is dyed Auburn-Red(her height was around 5 feet and 4 inches) who is very skinny to catch shoplifters? She can be easily knocked over?

This is a lie and I will never shop at this racist and unprofessional Shoppers Drug Mart location. Don't go shopping here unless you like to be harassed constantly and be treated like a criminal.


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