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Posted on Friday, December 27th, 2013 at 2:32pm CST by Dave D.

Product: Pet Adoption

Company: Joyful Rescues, Inc.

Location: 1319 Turock Road
CUBA, NY, 14727, US


Category: Pets, Animals

Joyful Rescues is a website among many which attempt to link up pets for adoption and new owners. I would encourage all readers to go with a different website and not to even waste their time in applying. I'm not going to get in depth into my life story, but have always grown up around dogs and clearly know how to provide a good life for a pet. I have a good stable job, own a fine middle-class home, and have a good size yard. I know it make be a lot, but for the sake of time and limited characters, trust me I can give a dog a good home. I do work regular hours so I would need an older dog and not a puppy, but I recognize that and provide this information in my application. Also, I found a dog on a different website and I'm currently providing it a great life. I passed their background check which goes to show I'm a suitable foster parent for a pet. The reason for writing this review is to simply make everyone out there looking for a pet aware of my story of dealing with this company and understand the likelihood you could go through the same problems and find no good resolution. I applied to their website and was denied. After requesting a reason why I was personally denied, they refused to provide any answer at all. My attorney called and was provided the same answer. I went through the Better Business Bureau and the company refused to provide them with an answer too on my case. They told a story of a mother who went there to buy her daughter a dog and she pushed the dog off her lap. This story has absolutely nothing to do with me or my situation, and not acceptable for a business which claims they are a reputable company to provide as explanation. If they are an ethical company, they should be able to clearly articulate a reason for denial. The company will lure you in with all their wonderful pictures of pets and stories, but in the end will deny your application without any reason at all. In addition, they do not even have on their websites clear rationales for a denial. A consumer should be able to go to their website understanding their own story and see whether they will be denied. The company provides no rationale on their websites for denials which clearly articulates most reasons. They will say they reserve the right to deny any application they choose to, but a company should have a valid reason for denying an application. They should have clear reasons for denial and if you don't fall into any of those categories then it should be a given the application will go through. In the end, this is most likely not the website you want to work with for your next pet. I would suggest looking at other agencies.


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Amy F., 2014-02-25, 12:05PM CST

Joyful Rescues usually does not tell people why their application was denied. This is because every time they do, an argument with the person ensues EVERY SINGLE TIME. They always think they are unjustly being denied. Joyful is picky about who they adopt to because they want the very best for every animal. Everyone, even abusers, think they are great animal parents. Joyful Rescues does not have time to argue with people. They are too busy rescuing animals.

Please note that people writing these bad reviews are trying to prevent people from rescuing animals, simply because they didn't get approved, or worse, because they didn't get the pet they requested. This makes them selfish, horrible, evil people, in my opinion. Please remember that when reading their reviews. They are trying to prevent animals from being rescued at all, just because they couldn't themselves? Think what it says about them.

Dave D., 2014-02-25, 01:32PM CST

I think the comments made by Joyful Rescues in response to the above claim clearly shows their lack of professionalism. To call someone a horrible person who is evil and selfish when all they did was provide accurate information on their personal situation with the company is quite unprofessional. Even in the claim the writer clearly states they went on to pass a different background and give this animal a good home. This is nowhere near evil and selfish, but quite honorable and unselfish. The claim goes on to say to just use other sites, which again suggests in itself the writer wants animals to find a good home. In addition, rescuing animals is not just about the taking in of the animal, it's also finding them a good home. That truly fulfills the rescue. Denying countless of applications for no valid reason in which the company can articulate goes to show they probably are spending too much time saving the animal rather than finding it a good home after the fact. I would encourage this company to take a good look at the ways they show their professionalism especially in such a public forum.

Amy F., 2014-02-25, 01:48PM CST

I made that comment myself, not Joyful Rescues. It is my personal opinion. No where in my comment does it say Joyful Rescues commented. It is how I feel. And you are still trying to prevent animals from being rescued, Dave. I stand by my opinion.

Marcia N., 2014-06-04, 04:06PM CDT

I am so absolutely disgusted with this organization from Joye Turock to the entire Board of Directors!! I gave my puppy to Joyful Rescues on May 9th after a WEEK LONG struggle on what was BEST for my puppy. I RESCUED Marley from an abusive home prior and he was so scared and had accidents all of the time unless you were constantly taking him outside. My husband and I both worked during the day at the time. My Aunt and Uncle who are dog control officers recommended Joye to me. Joye called me and told me what a WONDERFUL decision I was making going to them and that I could visit until he was adopted and that they check all references, etc. I was very familiar with her process as I had been APPROVED two weeks prior to get a cat. Late in the day May 9th, my husband was finally approved for a shift change we had asked for since we rescued Marley. My husband called Joye the next morning and told her we wanted our puppy back. She told him to fill out an application to adopt. My husband said we are already approved and she said that was for a cat. I immediately knew she was playing games but filled out the application. She of course DENIED the application and said in writing (have email still) that she had already decided to never let us adopt from their because she approved us for a cat and she held one for two weeks (HER OWN WEBSITE SAYS THEY DO NOT HOLD OR SAVE ANIMALS) and again states in writing that I did not know she held the cat. But because of my not showing up, she had decided not to adopt to me ever. YET, you call ME for my puppy when I am such a "horrible person?" This woman thinks she is GOD himself!! She has ignored contact from my attorney, Channel 4 Buffalo NEWS Call For Action, the police for four days when they were contacting her on my behalf, and does not seem to be phased that the Better Business Bureau and The Attorney Generals Office are both investigating my complaint. I have written to all the Board Members and have confirmation that they received my emails, but no response back. I spoke directly to one and after debating with her that it was unprofessional for me to contact her work (I paid NYS $30 to obtain the list of members of the board and their contact information) and sharing that my vet told me she was very reasonable and would hear me out, she did listen to my entire story and said she would speak to my vet and then get the Board together and get back to me. I have not heard a word. I WANT MY PUPPY BACK!! I pray every night they wake up with a kind heart and some empathy and let me at least adopt MY PUPPY back!!

Janice A., 2014-06-07, 08:45PM CDT

I am a volunteer for Joyful Rescues and have been for about 4 years. I am also a two time adopter and my experiences with Joyful Rescues have been quite positive. We have an incredible group of dedicated volunteers whose main concern is the animals. We have seen many animals with broken hearts that have been surrendered by their families. Our promise to those animals is that we will do everything we can to prevent that from happening again. This is not a rescue for people, but a rescue for animals.

Marcia N., 2014-06-07, 10:33PM CDT

Janice, I appreciate and respect what you are saying!~ I think my story is much different and just because Joye is within her rights (her stance), does it make it RIGHT?? She was invited to my home to see that I DO NOT AND NEVER HAD THE SIBLING and that Marley loves us!! She needs to stop being a right fighter....

Marcia N., 2014-06-07, 10:33PM CDT

Janice, I appreciate and respect what you are saying!~ I think my story is much different and just because Joye is within her rights (her stance), does it make it RIGHT?? She was invited to my home to see that I DO NOT AND NEVER HAD THE SIBLING and that Marley loves us!! She needs to stop being a right fighter....

Marcia N., 2014-06-07, 10:34PM CDT

Janice, I appreciate and respect what you are saying!~ I think my story is much different and just because Joye is within her rights (her stance), does it make it RIGHT?? She was invited to my home to see that I DO NOT AND NEVER HAD THE SIBLING and that Marley loves us!! She needs to stop being a right fighter....

6f122c67, 2014-08-09, 03:42PM CDT

This is a scam and should not be considered at all. There are many others out there who deserve your attention and will be honest. Unfortunately, there is always a bad egg and this is it.

c29dde0d, 2014-08-16, 12:52PM CDT

Everyone knows that if it's on the Internet it must be true.

Fred Z., 2014-11-17, 08:37PM CST

DO NOT DONATE or support Joyful Rescues in any way. This is a "not for profit" (does not pay taxes) that takes donations and uses them to hoard dogs. The owner is well known as a dog hoarder in her county. To confirm this, simply call the Allegany County SPCA at (585) 593-2200. This is why she peddles for donations outside her county at Erie County and Munroe County Pet Smart stores. You can also boycott them for supporting her. They only like her because it brings people into their store..This woman is a FRAUD, and needs to be stopped. She is RED FLAGGED by the Better Business Bureau Charity/Wise Giving Alliance/ She refuses to respond and refuses to be evaluated as a Charity by them. She is a hoarder because she feeds off being the Alpha. This becomes obvious in her dealings with humans, and she can't hide it. She uses donations to maintain her sickness. Please also post all your complaints on a Google review, and a Foursquare review, and Spread the word on Facebook. Also contact the NYS Attorney General Charity Bureau.

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