- I canceled, it was never canceled with the hotel and I was charged!

Posted on Friday, December 27th, 2013 at 12:21pm CST by Aline Z.



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I used for a hotel in NY, I canceled it and never receive a confirmation. As I have never used it before, I though it was ok. My mistake, I was charged by the hotel and says they can do nothing because I cannot prove I canceled. Furthermore, they told me to resolve it with the hotel, that will probably do nothing, because they probably never received my cancelation., never more again, and I'll make sure people around me don't be cheated by these guys.

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34f58940, 2013-12-28, 10:16AM CST

I agree 1000%. Same thing happened with me. Booked a hotel in Israel (Ritz Hotel) with the firm understanding I could cancel until 5 days before arrival. I cancelled 16 days before through who confirmed cancellation but hotel CHARGED THE FULL TEN DAYS AT US4

1,340.00 SINCE I HAD TO GIVE BOOKING.COM MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION to secure a reservation...ha ha ha Now I am really convinced I will never give out my credit card number online to anybody!!

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