Posted on Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 3:18pm CST by William M.

Company: nespresso club

Location: NESPRESSO CLUB 24-01 44th Road, 12th Floor


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

December 22nd 2013

I placed an order with this company for a nespresso machine as a gift for my wife. When I told her about it she informed me that she did not want the titanium color but wanted the chrome model instead.

I had rcvd an email from the company that had a confirmation number of 59006. I called the company to change the order and was told my order could not be retrieved by conf #59006. My last name did not show any orders so I was told "your order number isn't here yet - call back".

The confirmation number is useless - I suspect everyone gets 59006 as their conf #.

4 more calls over 3 hours and still no order number "had arrived". It was now my bedtime so next day I called again. The order number was now found and I was told that it had "gone to shipping" so the order could not be changed so I requested it be cancelled. I was told to call in again later - I replied that this was my 6th call and that the company owed me a callback. I was told I would be called back if for some reason the order could not be cancelled.

I called my VISA customer service number to decline the charge and was told that only fraudulent charges could be stopped. VISA advised me to contact the vendor i.e. Nespresso Club.

December 25th 2013

The titanium Nespresso machine arrived and my wife was elated until she found out it was titanium color.

December 26th 2013

I had rcvd an order number from Nespresso Club in an email which also promised to ship my product soon. I called customer support with my prized order number 14336073 to request a return authorization. I was told that it was "not coming up in the system".

Hence this complaint appears to be my only hope of redress.

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William M., 2014-01-09, 02:01PM CST

Update from Poster.

The Nespresso machine finally arrived and we decided to keep it so that we could have one in my wife's ofc and another one at home (I had placed an order for the desired chrome machine from Sur La Table since Nespresso Club had no way of changing the order from titanium to chrome - see my other complaint re Sur La Table Firefox browser screwup).

Both machines came with a $75 coupon for coffee pods that was redeemable via the Nespresso Club website. After much frustration trying to claim the two $75 coupons via the website (which appeared to be designed to handle coupons for more than one machine but did not work for even one coupon), my wife took over with phone in fist and called the Nespresso Club. She was told that no-one had been able to redeem coupons via the website and was given instructions re how to file claims for her two coupons using snail mail (post office mail).

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