Shop HQ - Poor service

Posted on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 at 11:46pm CST by B. Ray H.

Company: Shop HQ

Location: US

Category: Online Shopping

I want to warn people about I saw something up there on Sunday night that I wanted to get for my wife and have delivered to Georgia as we would be there for Christmas. They offered guaranteed delivery by Tuesday so I called. Since I was going to be a new customer the lady asked me all the usual info and I thought nothing of it. When she was finish and apparently about to hang up I say ma'am you didn't ask me where I want the item to be delivered. Her reply to this was now I have to cancel this order and start all over. Ok I can kinda understand that but not really when she should have the ability to edit information but ok. The problem began when she told me that not only would my money from a new order be on hold be the money from the order that they did not complete properly would be on hold also and that does not work for me. I said to just forget the whole thing and she said that my original money would still be held for 3 to 5 business days. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold. The same person came back and said " my supervisor says there is nothing that he can do" and when I asked to speak to someone else I was hung up on so I contacted them on Facebook and yesterday ( non customer service ) called. Her solution to my inconvenience was to reorder the same product but no longer get by Christmas, let it ship to my house ( not where I want it to be), tie up more money because of the hold and then they will give me a $10 credit that I can apply to my next order. I tell her that they didn't get my initial order right why in the hell would I ever make a next order!!! I have ordered with Amazon, Walmart, apparel sites etc... And never ever had any problems like this. I miss the days when companies valued your business and not treated it like some sort of entitlement. Myself and a group of my family and friends have decided that we will not do any thing to support this company or it's affiliates which includes watching any programming that NBC has to offer.


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