Cox Communications - Cox not honoring their service plan

Posted on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 at 8:53pm CST by Peter L.

Product: Cox Service Protection Plan

Company: Cox Communications

Location: Cox Communications PO BOX 79173 Phoenix Arizona, 85062-9173
TUSTIN, CA, 92782, US


Category: Internet Services

Cox charges me $5.99 for a Protection Plan. My modem broke and they do not offer to replace. I had to spent another $89 for a new modem.

Hi, I have been a Cox Communication Customer for over 4 years. I'm generally happy with their service. Every month, I spent an extra $5.99 for their "Cox Service Protection Plan". The customer representative told me that it would include any kind of coverage, including a defective or broken cable modem. For over 4 years, I paid for the Protection Plan. Three days ago, my internet was not functional. The Customer Representative over the phone asked me to schedule for a Field Service Repair Man. Since I have the Coverage Plan, all equipment should be paid for, including the Cable Modem.

The Field Service Repair man told me that the modem is not part of the warranty, therefore, I have to pay $89.99 out of my pocket if I want to resume my internet service.


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