Chrysler Canada - Poor Design Power Windows

Posted on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 at 3:07pm CST by Kelvin S.

Product: 2006 Jeep Liberty

Company: Chrysler Canada

Location: ON, CA

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I have a 2006 Liberty Limited which I factory ordered fully loaded and have had continual problems with the power windows. In the first 2 months my drivers door window would not go up straight.

I went to the dealership and had it repaired within a month it happened again. I had it repaired again. The entire mechanism was replaced and again it did the same thing. In the first 13 months I only put on 4700 km's so as you can see I never drove it much.

At this time we moved from Ontario to Alberta and a wonderful dealership in Alberta repaired it but I found out at this time that Chrysler came up with some new mechanism system to run the window. The old systems never quit or had these problems but Chrysler had to reinvent the wheel. Over time I have had to get the driver side window repaired 5 times. Then all of a sudden one day the passenger side window just fell down.

Had to have it repaired. Then I received a letter from Chrysler that they were extending the warranty on all window repairs to 7 years. Should tell you that there is a real problem if they have to extend the warranty. I also paid for extended warranty and that was a waste of money.

Then all of a sudden one New Years Eve the passenger side rear window fell down. Again went to a dealership and they did get warranty on it. Now the extended warranty was up on June 15,2013. On July 1st 2013 the driver side rear window fell down and would not operate. This was the only window that hadn't been repaired yet.

I went to a Chrysler dealership that I had never been to and they were refused warranty by Chrysler Canada. Now this dealership (Southtown Chrysler - Edmonton ) who I never bought the vehicle from or ever been there before was so nice to me that they offered to not charge me labor if I paid for the part. This was fantastic service from the dealership and Chrysler doesn't deserve to have this quality of dealership. The dealership cared but Chrysler didn't.

Now why should the dealership be out for Chrysler's poor design. I have since at least done other repair business with them but I will never give Chrysler business again. I contacted Chrysler 2 times about this issue. The first time they responded by telling me tough luck as the warranty was up.

I could see if it was a year after but this happened 2 weeks after the warranty was up. I hardly use this vehicle and if had of happened 15 days earlier they would have repaired it. I sent them another email in response to their answer and in 4 months they haven't even had the courtesy to respond. I have decided to file this complaint so other people will know about their poor customer care.

I hope other people listen and don't waste your money on their products or any of their extended warranty products as they also have a pile of loop holes and aren't worth the money.


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