Posted on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 at 3:07pm CST by CAROL S.

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I am a disabled veteran and chose Suntrust to have my disability check direct deposited each month. I have been with them 4 months and never had a problem, until recently.

I would call the automated system to get my account balance and recent transactions. On three different occasions my check card was used for purchases I had not made. I spoke to the fraud department and they emailed me the form to fill out and fax it back to them. I did just that. And the lost money was deposited back into my account rather quickly. Yesterday I called the automated system to see what my balance was because I have a few check card returns due back to me. I stated my check card number over the phone and my four digit pin. The system would not recognize my pin, so I pushed a number for customer service. I was told that my account was in the process of being closed down because I had made three fraud claims. This has pissed me off so badly, I started yelling at the customer service manager and told her I would sue Suntrust if they cause my car payments etc to not be honored and I have to pay late fees and/or face possible repossession of my vehicle. She said she would put it in the notes. The BIG problem is that my disability check is sitting in my account right now and I can not aaccess it till December 31. This is what I live on. So I was informed to call on December 26 and request that they hold off closing my account until January 2. I dont know if they will do it, but I do know if they do not cooperate with me, it can take 4-6 weeks to get that disability check and I am screwed, not to mention I will not be able to put food on my children's plate. I do not understand why they are doing this, but if I have to get the Veterans Administration involved on the 26th of December, I will. I will bring a rep from the V.A with me to the bank if I have too. And another do I get my refunds that have not been processed yet, but will be put back into that account. I am at wits end. Can someone give me any ledway or strong solid advice...Thanks


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