- Nicolai Loenne,, Scam

Posted on Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 at 4:35am CST by Patricia Christian

Product: Nicolai Loenne,, Scam


Location: Gravytrain Ltd, 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, TW11


Category: Internet Services

Many websites on the internet are providing different kinds of services. Some are very good and some are only playing with our money. It's very difficult to give an opinion about any website whether they are good or not but if you have experience to work with them then you can easily get the answer of your question. I use this company for Magento web design and in stating they communicate with me from good way which attract me a lot but with the passage of time they slow down the speed of work. I always pay him on this and this project was started four months before and my mission was to online this website before Christmas because on I want to sell products for this special event. This company doesn't complete the project on this and today I face loss of big amount. I have stock on hand that will be spoil till next Christmas plus I already paid him a big amount of work. So it's my humble request not use this company anymore if you love with you money and time.

Companies to shame which he owns and is part of and uses to hide under:


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