Aislinn Outcourcing - Aislinn Outsourcing - Major Ripoff Telemarketers, Ray Smith, Stella Hemphill liars, cheats

Posted on Saturday, December 21st, 2013 at 7:56am CST by Chandra R.

Product: Telemarketing Mortgage Leads

Company: Aislinn Outcourcing

Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta


Category: Business, Finances

Ray contacted me in early September 2013 offering me a deal on mortgage leads. $40/lead

I told him I was not interested in paying upfront. He emailed me many times and called me as well offering another deal for $500 and 12 leads.

I accepted and wired the $500.

He started telling me how their company works..and how their telemarketing folks work.

He told me about the database, and from the beginning it started with a delay.

On a Monday he told me they start calling only on Thursday, so a 3 day wait for me.

Please note that before payment was made, he stated confidently they can deliver 1 lead/day.

So, by end of September 2013 I would be done with them unless I wish to use them further.

He said their company wanted a long term relationship.

From here it all went downhill.

It is December 19 2013, and I have received only 1 average mortgage lead with bad credit.

I have contacted the company 100 times by email and sometimes by phone.

I get some promises about leads coming, but NEVER happened.

Stella has an email address, but she has NEVER responded to me.

Ray and the company will never provide ANY status from week to week.

You have to simply hope the leads will arrive in your email Inbox.

If this is not bad enough, Ray wants understanding from the clients.

I found this laughable. A company doing business should deliver as per agreement for payment done.

They cannot do it.

They have a disorganized operation purportedly in Sherwood, Alberta.

All their telemarketers including Ray have a thick Indian accent (but Christian first names), which I know ticks off a number of Canadians who get cold calls in the evenings. So, you can imagine that they have no success in generating mortgage leads.

Ray will just make promises, and never deliver.

He can also take matters to a personal level, instead of behaving as a professional.

He will find fault with the client instead of facing up to the fact that Aislinn is not delivering excuse after another.

My candid and well-thought out opinion is that this company does not know how to do business in Canada.

They know zero about commitment, or taking an agreement seriously.

I have written off my $500 as a loss and moved on, but I do not wish anyone to lose any money.

Always search online for a company's reputation.It is a good idea since there is a lot of good content online. It might save you money and headache.

Stay away from Aislinn Outsourcing!


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