Posted on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 at 3:44pm CST by David P.

Product: USPS Surepost Service

Company: USPS

Location: US


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

I ordered an item and it was supposed to be delivered using UPS SurePost. This is where UPS uses USPS for package delivery. The package shipped on Dec. 10th. Based on all tracking information the package was transferred to USPS with no problem on Dec 13th. After checking the status of the shipment on Dec. 16th I find that the package was routed to the wrong local post office and they were rerouting it to the correct local post office. Really? I figured it wouldn't take long to get it to the correct local post office and checked the status of the package Dec. 19th. The tracking information indicates it went from what was actually the correct local post office to Elk Grove Village. From there it went to Madison, WI and from there to Milwaukee, WI. HUH? How is it that a package addressed to a Chicago address left Chicago and went to Milwaukee? I called USPS and got their automated system. They truly need to scrap it as it gives absolutely no information and offers no option to receive assistance for a live person. I decided I'd file a complaint with the postal service. Finally, I get a live person. However, there was no information they could offer and I probably won't get any answers until Monday the 22nd. That's almost 3 weeks after the package originally shipped. Serioulsy? This complaint is being written because this is third time I've experienced this with USPS this year alone. They should consider getting out of the package delivery business because they simply can't get it right. If UPS SurePost is the shipping option offered find out if there is another option. If not order from someplace that has other options. YOU DO NOT WANT USPS HANDLING YOUR PACKAGE! You may never get. If you do you'll have forgotten you ordered it. They are truly the worst at package delivery. I see why they are having financial problems. They can't even make a simple delivery. Stick to delivering post cards and letters.


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