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I have several problems with Monroe and Main there products,customer service and ability to ship items in a reasonable amount of time.I have been a gold member with them since 2011 my complaint is with an order I placed in October of 2013 for a sleeve top and faux fur dress-vest that I ordered for the holidays. The dress-vest was advertised as pleated but when I recieved it there were no pleats and it was what I would call an "irregular". When they asked for my opinion on a customer satisfaction survey I believed they would send a reply but did not,the only thing I recieved wasd an e-mail telling me the top was on back order and would not arrive until December 21st today they informed me it would not arrive until January 21 2014. I ordered this for Thanksgiving,then decided ok I will wear it for Christmas by the time the outfit completed the holiday season will be over

What it boils down to is they sell poor quality clothes,lousy customer service and are unable to fill an order in a reasonable amount of time.

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pam g., 2014-02-21, 12:44PM CST

My account is paid off,and they tell me I owe them money still.i even wrote down what I owed and what I paid also I paid them an extra 7 dollars.they still won't leave

me alone

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