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Posted on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 at 7:45am CST by Awadh B.

Product: Unlock for iPhone5 (Telenor - Sweden)

Company: Official iPhone Unlock Ltd

Location: Company registered in England and Wales No.:7838094 VAT Reg: 123 4796 12 LONDON, 0843 289 4084, UK


Category: Internet Services

I ordered iphone5 unlock (Telenor - Sweden) in August to get in queue by paying GBP 19.99.

Further they asked to pay rest by telling that Unlock is available now and I paid GBP 45.

(Issue1: This was a lie to get more money from customers even though Unlock isn't available)

Nothing happened for next 3-4 weeks. No change in status order status either. Was showing "Supplier holidays" all the time.

(Issue2: Missleading customers by putting wrong status)

I repeatedly wrote in support column asking for clarification, never get any response.

(Issue3: Worst customer support)

I dialed UK support phone number and i just got irritating response that "Unlock server is Down".

They recommend me to wait for couple of weeks. I waited and then again wrote on support column on 12 nov.

After that they apologize and told that now its submitted to unlock server, it will be unlocked in 3 days.

(Issue4: Another lie)

I thought, now it work as status changed to "IMEI submitted to unlock server". I waited again for 1 week and wrote in support requesting status on 19-Nov. No one responded.

I again dialed in UK support phone number. Same irritating response (without the explanation that if server was down why the hell you will submit my order to unlock server).

(Issue4: Horrible customer support)

I again wrote to support page and to their sales AND no response yet again. This is Worst experience I am having with these guys.

Status showed that they again submitted to unlock server even though UNLOCK isn't available at all.

(Issue5: Another Lie)

Now I asked for refund and then you all know what might happen.

No response at all.

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Ali B., 2014-07-18, 02:26AM CDT

The worst service ever. They took my money and nothing has happened sinc 5 weeks now. Do not trust this people

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