Scam Ronald Forman and Russell Brasso - San Francisco Business Attorneys Fraud and Scam Ronald Forman and Russell Brasso

Posted on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 at 3:43pm CST by Ken J.

Company: Scam Ronald Forman and Russell Brasso

Location: 930 Montgomery Street, Ste. 600


Category: Law, Civil Rights

We had a horrible experience with this Law Firm. We found this attorney to be very deceptive to us. Russell Brasso overcharged for his services and quickly invoked the arbitration clause in the contract which is not enforceable since dispute want a in existence at the signing of the contract. There was a lack of communication on his part and that caused problems for us. He was not always truthful in conversations with us. Think twice before you hire him. It turned out a big nightmare for us. he is really focused on his hourly rate. i would not wish our negative experience with him on anyone, Stay away


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