John Zajac of the West Florida BBB - John Zajac of the West Florida BBB [St. Petersburg- Clearwater-Tampa] is Corrupt!

Posted on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 at 2:02pm CST by Florida B.

Product: John Zajac of the West Florida BBB

Company: John Zajac of the West Florida BBB

Location: CLEARWATER, FL, 33759, US


Category: Business, Finances

John Zajac of the West Florida BBB is refusing to help businesses resolve their claims unless you pay him $1,000 to update your profile. We refuse to pay this corrupt individual just so we can receive a good review with the West Florida BBB.

John Zajac of the West Florida BBB has shut down numerous businesses in the St. Petersburg- Clearwater-Tampa area because of the harsh ratings they label businesses if they do not pay his bribe. He then refuses to accept business responses to complaints and remove false complaints from competitors.

Many businesses have included the following reasons why John Zajac should be reported:

Refuses to help improve BBB business rating unless a fee of $1,000 is paid in full to John Zajac of the West Florida BBB.

* Large businesses that have tens of thousands of clients but only have a few complaints on their BBB Business Page have F ratings.

* Gives an F rating to businesses with as low as 10 complaints unless your accept his bribe.

Gives A+ ratings to businesses dispute their corrupt business practices and reviews. (Businesses that have paid off John Zajac)

* Refuses to meet with business owners in person once they have received bad reviews on the West Florida BBB and have rejected his (John Zajac) bribe.

* The West Florida BBB will also issue fake alerts in an attempt to shut down/ extort your business.

Please contact your Attorney General if you have been approached by John Zajac of the West Florida BBB for BBB payments on business ratings. Please do the following if John Zajac of the West Florida BBB has tried to extort money from you or refused to improve your business ratings:

Send a complaint your complaint about John Zajac of the West Florida BBB to :?Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices by the BBB?Address the complaint to:?The Office of the Attorney General

Each state has it own Attorney General.?The Office of the Attorney General of your state is well familiar with the issue.?They already received many such complaints about the BBB.?The Attorney General is not happy with the level of complaints about the BBB they receive.?The more complaints they receive, the more pressure they will put on the BBB.?Do not expect quick results, the Office of the Attorney General is usually overworked and understaffed.

The only way to make them attend to this issue is for the business community and the public to stand up for their rights, take action and submit such complaints when due.?

Also please alert the national BBB as they are looking into his corrupt practices.

Send a complaint to:?The Council of Better Business Bureau?4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800?Arlington, VA 22203-1838?Phone:?? 703-276-0100?Fax:??????? 703-525-8277

You can fax your complaint but you must also mail it Certified Mail and Return Receipt Requested.?The CBBB has 30 days to respond.


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