Arizona Estate Liquidators - Bad Check Writer

Posted on Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 4:11pm CST by Marna

Product: Estate Sales

Company: Arizona Estate Liquidators

Location: 3977 E. Meadowlark Way, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140


Category: Products, Services

I sold my household belongings through Arizona Estate Liquidators in late October 2013. The owner (Tracy D. Thomas) and I signed her contract. Per her contract, the sale proceeds were to be mailed within 14 business days of the sale. Fourteen days came and went but no check.

I called her and sent her an email asking where my money was. First she said she would check with her bookkeeper and get back with me. She didn't. I called and emailed again. This time, she said that she was out of town and would mail me a check in a few days when she got back. Finally, she agreed to write a check that day (11-15-13).

I finally got a check and deposited it into my bank. A few days latter, I got an NSF letter from the bank with a return check fee.

I called her and she said she knew the check bounced because she got a notice from her bank too. She said that the bookkeeper wrote a check out of the wrong account.

I didn't want to take another check from her so I asked if she would go to the bank and deposit the money directly into my account. She agreed. When I looked online, I saw a deposit for quite a bit less than what she owed me. I nevered agreed to take a partial payment nor did she say that she was depositing less than what was owed me. She said that she had to go home to get her wallet so she could withdraw money from her business account (women always have their purses, especially if they are driving) to pay me the rest of the money she owed me plus the return check fee. The next day, I looked online but she did not make the deposit as promised.

I then took the check to my other bank (so happens it was also the bank that the check was drawn on) and presented it for payment. The teller told me that the check was not good at this time. The branch manager said that they couldn't tell me anything more and I would have to deposit the check again to see if it would clear. I redeposited the check and a few days latter, it bounced again.

I have since then tried to resolve the issue with her but she will not answer phone calls or return emails.

If someone writes you a bad check and only pays you a portion that is owed, below are some of the agencies that you can file a complaint with.

1. Better Business Bureau

2. State General Attorney's office

3. Local Police department

4. Federal Trade Commission

Writting a bad check is a class one misdemeanor - depending on the dollar amount, it can be a felony. You might also be entitled to sue for treble damages. Check with your lawyer.


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