AdRev for a 3rd Party - AdRev Steals Revenue from YouTube content publishers with false copyright claims

Posted on Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 9:12am CST by Dee R.

Product: Music Publishing

Company: AdRev for a 3rd Party

Location: 13351-D Riverside Drive # 219


Category: Internet Services

Ad Rev for a Third Party is a trademark/copyright troll that places false claims on YouTube content, so that it can steal all the revenue from that video. I have always used royalty free music in my videos and no matter how many different sources I get my music from, AdRev is able to always claim copyright on my videos.

But this isn't just personal. If you search on YouTube, you will see that AdRev has also targeted people who put up music that was of their own creation, public domain music, or video games and music that feature ambient noise and sound effects.

Curiously enough, a large portion of videos that get hit by flags from AdRev just happen to be gaming videos. Unless you don't know, gaming videos are one of the most popular types on YouTube, garnering millions of page views a week, and equal amounts of revenue. So I suspect that AdRev was set up for the sole purpose of targeting this lucrative genre by setting up all kinds of false ownership claims on gaming videos.

You're probably reading this and thinking, "So what? Just counteract the claim!" Well, it's not as easy as that. First of all, if YouTube files in favor of the complainant, your account get slammed with a copyright strike, which can jeopardize your entire account and get it deleted. Secondly, disputing a copyright claim takes months to settle. Thirdly, AdRev never, ever lets up. Since it's determined to steal revenue from your channel no matter what, it just files new claim after new claim every time you successfully dispute the previous one. It is almost guaranteed that every single video you upload will have a dispute slammed against it by AdRev.

Because I'm fed up with this, I'm going on this internet campaign to expose AdRev for what it is, and if possible, perk the interest of a copyright lawyer who is more than happy to get a class action suit started against these scammers.


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Viktor V., 2014-02-14, 03:53AM CST

I can attest to this as well, and I would also be interested in class action lawsuit.

14c88f42, 2014-06-24, 02:11AM CDT

Yes, they claimed a royalty free song on my video too. Also they don't react at all to the E-Mail I wrote them, via their own disputing-site, and reinstated the claim after I disputed it over YouTube.

Tony T., 2014-10-05, 04:15PM CDT

Two of my channels are being hit by this company, claiming that the music is theirs rather than Check it out:

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