Foley Municipal Airport - Excessive Noise

Posted on Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 2:07pm CST by 0794bf5c

Product: Lightning Aviation

Company: Foley Municipal Airport

Location: 510 Airport Drive, Foley AL. 36535
FOLEY, AL, 36535, US


Category: Airlines

Once again,today is Sunday, and as usual, all that can be heard is the annoying sound of small planes. So far, this has been going on MOST OF THE DAY, but there's still several hours of daylight left, so We're pretty sure it will be another ALL DAY affair! It goes on 7 days a week!!! Even GOD took one day off!!!! Maybe if YOU and the city government of Foley resided near this airport, we're sure this source of noise pollution would not be in operation!


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ea91908e, 2013-12-15, 11:50PM CST

Myself and several others have been looking into this problem. It looks like the people involved have all forgotten the 3 most important words in the english language, which are "WE THE PEOPLE!" They need to really think about what is more important here. The good name and reputation of Baldwin County and Foley Alabama, or not caring enough to listen to the complaints concerning this noisy problem.

Robert Allyn L., 2013-12-16, 05:07PM CST

I love this kind of complaint, Invariably one or more of the following apply:

Moved into area after Airport was open and in operation.

Don't understand that "We the people" means a Democratic proccess that MUST include Pilots and ALL other voters, not the little self centered group that want's to impose their will on others.

Would be writing complaint letters about lawn mowers and trying to get all gas powered lawn and garden equipment baned on noise grounds if they didn't have this to complain about.

Complains to the police about the neighbors party if they can press there ear to the wall and hear anything.

Will hate me, I like motor sports.

ea91908e, 2013-12-16, 09:53PM CST

True, this airport was in operation when "moved into the area." However, quite recently an Aviation company came to town with 4 planes and 8 instructors, so unless you really love small planes flying over your house 10 hours a day, then help find a solution to the problem, not defend the cause! lawnmowers: They're used for a short period and turned off. These plans fly ALL DAY -fuel and piss stops! Finally, Democracy? There is no democracy!

Dan S., 2014-10-01, 02:27PM CDT

Dan S. Re: foley airport noise

I agree this is totally obnoxious. Constant buzzing with their cheap washingmachine engines all day from 9 am to dark. Why can't they fly safe over the gulf? Why is it necessary for them to be a constant menace over Foley? Yes, I did move in after the airport, so what! I pay taxes to live here and have zero patience with whomever owns this business, if that is the case. I'll be making my thoughts known to the City Council.

Robert Allyn L., 2014-10-01, 04:12PM CDT

Wow, "Cheap washing machine motors"

Try: light weight, high horse power, enormously expensive, air cooled.

About the only relationship with a washing machine is the clothing worn by the pilots.

I recomed one of two courses of action:

1st Sell your house and move


2nd Buy good hearibng protection

0794bf5c, 2014-10-09, 10:09PM CDT

RESPONSE TO DAN S.: My washing machine is a lot quieter, and it's 20 years old? It would be real nice if the military planes would go out over the gulf and dive bomb an oil rig instead of our homes! The local airport... This complaint is against the FOLEY ALABAMA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT.... not Foley, Florida nor any other city of Foley.... THE PLANES START FLYING HERE AT 7:30 AM EVERY MORNING, ALL WEEK! Bottom line here is, let's get rid of Lightening Aviation's flight school, and the annoying airplanes will all go away HERE IN FOLEY ALABAMA!

AS FOR THE OTHER ONE: I had to drive past Baldwin EMC today so I could make sure the AMERICAN FLAG still has STARS AND STRIPES on it instead of a HAMMER AND SICKLE! You're so keen on defending your rights to have and operate an airport in our back yard that you're totally deaf and blind to anything other than money. However, when we attempt to defend our rights, you ridicule us and make snide remarks about us. Such as "I recomed one of two courses of action:

1st Sell your house and move


2nd Buy good hearibng protection "

With the exception of at least 1 person, no other member of the Foley City government resides anywhere near this airport. The airport manager does not reside anywhere near this airport. The City administrator does not reside anywhere near this airport. The owner of Lightening Aviation does no reside anywhere near this airport. The Chief flight instructor does not reside anywhere near this airport. None of the County Commissioners reside near this airport. As a result of this, NONE OF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to recommend to us to

"1st Sell your house and move


2nd Buy good hearibng protection "

This goes far beyond being shameful towards the citizens of Baldwin County. We should not be treated this way.

4e2ef341, 2014-11-09, 11:26AM CST

It's sad enough that you people disturb the peace in the area during the week, but you have absolutely no regard for the residents of the area by flying the entire weekend too! Some of us work during the week and look forward to a little "quite time" when the weekend comes around, but since lightening Aviation came to town, that has been impossible. Apparently the only the only thing or person you and the city rulers of Foley Alabama respect is George Washington, aka "the dollar"!

4e2ef341, 2014-11-15, 08:24AM CST

Another weekend, and here we go again! 7:30 on a Saturday morning and the drone of airplanes flying over the neighborhood. You should expand your "oval" to include John Konair's house and maybe he'll think...damned, no wonder these people are complaining about Lightening Aviation and this noise!

0794bf5c, 2014-11-16, 08:34AM CST

You betcha! 7 for 7! 7:30 AM in Foley Alabama on a Sunday morning! We have our own alarm clock! It's called Lightening Aviation! It's set for 7:30 AM, 7 days a week!

Robert Allyn L., 2014-11-17, 09:23AM CST

Could you wait untill the sun is up on the west coast before posting your updates.

Woke me Saturday and Sunday with the notification emails.

I can sleep through the Martin Mars flying over my house but "Youve got mail" every time.

0794bf5c, 2014-11-17, 06:29PM CST

Well darned! We can: " ecomed one of two courses of action:

1st turn off your email notifications


2nd Buy good hearibng protection "

ea91908e, 2014-11-17, 09:33PM CST

The last Martin Mars was retired on September 13, 2013. Nowhere near Foley Alabama!

Robert Allyn L., 2014-11-18, 09:04AM CST

Someone got the point!


I chose an effective hearing protection process, threw a pillow over it and went back to sleep.

By the way I never said I lived anywhere near Foley, Just been there and guess what, the noise level really is minor. I told you where I live, anybody going to tell the world?

ea91908e, 2014-11-21, 10:16AM CST

Robert Allyn L. persona...What a total Dickhead! If John Konair, Wayne Trawick, Vera Kuaites, Ralph Hellmich, Charles Ebert and Mike Thompson resided near the airport they're so fond of, it would not be there. Plain and simple! The same applies to the Baldwin County Commission! If Roger Watkins actually had to listen to the noise his planes are generating in Foley Alabama, he would either move his business elsewhere or put some mufflers on them! Of course, he resides in Mobile, so he doesn't care either!

0794bf5c, 2014-11-22, 08:45AM CST

Saturday morning in Foley Alabama and the annoying sound of single engine airplanes flying over the neighborhood! Instead of the Mayor referring to FOLEY as the "looking forward City", he should be referring to it as "one of the noisiest cities in the USA!"

Take your tax paying citizens into consideration for a change and get rid of at least one noise generating source in Foley!

4e2ef341, 2014-11-30, 07:40AM CST

Airplanes flying over my house...I just reset my watch...7:30 AM Sunday morning in Foley Alabama! If the Mayor and City Council had to put up with this noise, there would not be any noise!

90e13155, 2014-12-04, 10:31PM CST

As of today, I have lost all respect for the Aviation Branch of the United States military . It's one thing to have to tolerate the inconsiderate bastards that operate the local airport here in Foley Alabama, but for the citizens of this area to be subjected to what comes down to an act of aggression on the part of the military is just beyond words...This all started with the usual noise of small planes, then the jets came into the area. After that, the turboprops started flying around. At first, I assumed they were doing dive bombing maneuvers, but then I looked up...These planes were doing loops! That's when I got my camcorder out and started recording. This went on all day! A plane would fly in from the north, make a loop then fly toward the south, make a loop then fly back to the north end of Foley and do the same thing. This was repeated several time, then the plane would fly off toward the north. A few minutes later, another plane came and did the same thing! Tomorrow morning several citizens will be ready with camcorders if this happens again, and I'm going to be uploading the video I recorded today to every website I can think of and will also be sending a copy to every congressman and Senator in Washington to inform them of what our military is doing and how American Citizens are being treated!

4e2ef341, 2014-12-07, 07:44AM CST

7:30 am on Sunday morning in Foley Alabama...The smell of coffee brewing...and the annoying drone of small planes flying over my head!

4e2ef341, 2014-12-07, 12:26PM CST

looks like a typical Sunday in Foley Alabama....Eating lunch while listening to the annoying drone of small planes flying over my head....They need to fly over the mayor's house and all of the Council members houses so THEY can enjoy some of the results of their profits at our expense!

0794bf5c, 2014-12-08, 07:41AM CST

Here we go again! 7:25 am Monday morning in Foley Alabama... Starting another week of the annoying drone of small planes flying over our houses! The people that think Foley can't live without this airport needs to be hearing this noise and feeling this aggravation like the rest of us!

ea91908e, 2014-12-09, 08:52AM CST

Here we go again! They started at 7:40 this morning and it's been none stop since! We need to contact Randy Roy concerning the Foley Municipal airport noise problem. If it wasn't for the Navy, Companies like Lightening Aviation wouldn't be in Foley, and there would not be a noise problem!

4e2ef341, 2014-12-10, 10:27AM CST

Wednesday morning in Foley Alabama. I keep hearing the drone of small planes flying over my head!

90e13155, 2014-12-10, 10:01PM CST

What the hell is this, a "Dear Diary" post? By god, my head is still buzzing from these aspholes flying almost non-stop the past 3 days! On top of the bastards from Lightening Aviation, there were the damned Military planes coming into the area and doing loops...YES LOOPS! No wonder the government is screwed up! Of course lets not forget the asphole in the red and white stunt plane doing his crap right over my house today! I recorded all this! 8 hours of droning, ear aching, aggravating noise. I intend to post it so everyone can hear what it sounds like in Foley Alabama, so they will know what to expect. That is, if they decide to visit after hearing the noise!

4e2ef341, 2014-12-11, 08:54AM CST

RE: 90e13155.... There is a reason for what we do. You beat your drum to your tempo and we will do the same with ours. FYI: It started at 7:35 this morning from Lightening Aviation and around 8:00 with the military planes!

52ae03c6, 2014-12-11, 06:13PM CST

Does anyone think the Feds are aware of the fact that most of the new Navy pilot trainees are here in the Pensacola area? Also, does anyone think there is a terrorist group that could be targeting the airports in the area that provide training the the Navy pilot trainees? If this were to happen, it would knock out most of the next generation of Navy pilots.

b3f897f4, 2014-12-11, 11:45PM CST

If they weren't, they probably are now. They would probably consider the loss an acceptable number since the trainees are only students!

52ae03c6, 2014-12-13, 07:30AM CST

Foley Alabama: It's a start to another noisy weekend! Lightening Aviation keeps starting earlier and earlier every day! They started before 7:30 today. Tomorrow is Sunday, what time will it start then?

Things might be different if these people would change the routine once in a while, instead of sticking to the same old predictable crap!

0794bf5c, 2015-01-17, 07:50AM CST

FOLEY ALABAMA: It would be very nice, if we could have a weekend without having to listen to the aggravating noise of a GD airplane flying over your house while you're drinking your morning coffee! It's gotten to the point that the only peace and quite we get is when it's raining!

0794bf5c, 2015-01-31, 07:45AM CST

The start of yet, another noisy weekend around Foley Alabama!

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