Foley Municipal Airport - Excessive Noise

Posted on Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 2:07pm CST by 0794bf5c

Product: Lightning Aviation

Company: Foley Municipal Airport

Location: 512 Airport Drive, Foley AL. 36535
FOLEY, AL, 36535, US


Category: Airlines

Today is Sunday, and as usual, all that can be heard is the annoying sound of small planes. So far, this has been going on MOST OF THE DAY, but there's still 3 hours of daylight left, so We're pretty sure it will be another ALL DAY affair! If YOU resided near this airport, we're sure this source of noise pollution would not be in operation!


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James S., 2013-12-15, 11:50PM CST

Myself and several others have been looking into this problem. It looks like the people involved have all forgotten the 3 most important words in the english language, which are "WE THE PEOPLE!" They need to really think about what is more important here. The good name and reputation of Baldwin County and Foley Alabama, or not caring enough to listen to the complaints concerning this noisy problem.

Robert Allyn L., 2013-12-16, 05:07PM CST

I love this kind of complaint, Invariably one or more of the following apply:

Moved into area after Airport was open and in operation.

Don't understand that "We the people" means a Democratic proccess that MUST include Pilots and ALL other voters, not the little self centered group that want's to impose their will on others.

Would be writing complaint letters about lawn mowers and trying to get all gas powered lawn and garden equipment baned on noise grounds if they didn't have this to complain about.

Complains to the police about the neighbors party if they can press there ear to the wall and hear anything.

Will hate me, I like motor sports.

James S., 2013-12-16, 09:53PM CST

True, this airport was in operation when "moved into the area." However, quite recently an Aviation company came to town with 4 planes and 8 instructors, so unless you really love small planes flying over your house 10 hours a day, then help find a solution to the problem, not defend the cause! lawnmowers: They're used for a short period and turned off. These plans fly ALL DAY -fuel and piss stops! Finally, Democracy? There is no democracy!

Dan S., 2014-10-01, 02:27PM CDT

Dan S. Re: foley airport noise

I agree this is totally obnoxious. Constant buzzing with their cheap washingmachine engines all day from 9 am to dark. Why can't they fly safe over the gulf? Why is it necessary for them to be a constant menace over Foley? Yes, I did move in after the airport, so what! I pay taxes to live here and have zero patience with whomever owns this business, if that is the case. I'll be making my thoughts known to the City Council.

Robert Allyn L., 2014-10-01, 04:12PM CDT

Wow, "Cheap washing machine motors"

Try: light weight, high horse power, enormously expensive, air cooled.

About the only relationship with a washing machine is the clothing worn by the pilots.

I recomed one of two courses of action:

1st Sell your house and move


2nd Buy good hearibng protection

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