- Ver poor service. Did not honor agreement

Posted on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 6:05pm CST by Don G.

Product: Relocation (Moving) Comany


Location: 8 Carol Avenue


Category: Products, Services

I contracted with above company; (MOS) for a move on November 18th, 2013 from Kerrville TX to Shafer, MN. They did not show up at my house (I had already left for Minnesota and my wife stayed behind to be present at the move) She waited 8 hours, no call, nothing. Then a driver calls her the next day and says they are on their way. My wife had plans she could not change and could not be there to let them in. Again; no more communication for 4 days until I finally reached Michael/Joe at MOS who casually informed me they "lost track" of their driver and then his truck broke down. They said they were "working" on it. A week later I learn that they have subbed the job out to another company (Condor) who would be there on Wednesday the 4th - No. Changed it to Friday the 6th between 10am and 2pm. Wife waits again to find out they may not be there till 6pm. Meanwhile since we have moved away from this house the power was shut off. They couldn't work in the dark so they stayed in Austin Texas where their last stop was and showed uo around mid-day Saturday and moved the stuff. In the meantime we had the power turned on in case they showed up late. They saw this and called me a liar fro saying the power was off (It WAS on the day before when they showed up late!) MOS reduced my price from 1250 to 1128 thinking this was a big favor. Not even close to making up what this has cost me! . Condor raised it back to 1250 going against my agreement with MOS and without notifying me first. Now they are en-route and I have no confidence that my posessions will arrive on time or safely not to mention costing me much more than I have being on Social Security. The delay also cost up to $400 in extra rent as well as recconnect fee for utilities.

I would not reccommend this company to anyone!


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