4myrebate.com - Failed to honor rebate

Posted on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 11:19am CST by David C.

Product: Rebate from Tiger Direct

Company: 4myrebate.com

Location: SAN DIEGO, CA, 92112-9331, US

URL: www.4myrebate.com

Category: Online Shopping

4myrebate failed to honor a $20 rebate from Tiger Direct. I provided a signed rebate form, a UPC barcode and Tiger Direct order details but they demanded an invoice that Tiger Direct did not provide with the shipment. After I went through the steps of getting the invoice 4myrebate still failed to honor the $20 rebate. 4myrebate and Tiger Direct seem to be SCAMs as far as honoring rebates.

UPDATE: TIGER DIRECT HAS A Rebate Assurance Policy AT http://www.tigerdirect.com/sectors/rebates/index.asp?Tab=5



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Don, 2013-12-11, 08:01AM CST

I'm dealing with this same thing right now - two rebates ($20 and $60) were recently denied, with indication that I had never sent in the required materials. Why is it that all of the mail I send through the USPS gets to its recipient just fine, EXCEPT for the critical, "original-documents-only" items that are required for rebate submission?

And it's funny that places recommend using a mail delivery service that gives verification that it got there. Because I don't have anything else I want to spend the $20 on than to pay for certified mail fees, right? Clearly, it's a postal service problem...

I sent a very lengthy email to customer service yesterday, so we'll see what I get by way of reply.

3572fdd0, 2014-05-22, 09:47AM CDT

I sent in 2 different rebates to 4myrebate. They were for items purchased at NewEgg and TigerDirect. Both supposedly were not received by 4myrebates. I was told that I had 2 weeks to investigate the "claim archived" status and could not resubmit the rebates. They were both mailed the same day. I am not a novice,I have been using mail-in rebates for years.

In the future I will not purchase anything that the rebate is serviced by 4myrebate. Warning: Beware 4myrebate!!!!!

Curt J., 2014-05-27, 03:57PM CDT

So far I am batting zero on two recent submissions. One rebate for $20 on a MSI graphics card and the other a $30 rebate on an ASUS monitor. Both are over a month old and neither were received. Imaging that. Two mailings in a row not received. What a bunch of crap. Start bitching to the vendors and resellers.

cfa488c1, 2014-06-20, 11:10PM CDT

I got the daily deal of 10 USB lanyards for $9.99 with a $10 rebate. They arrived yeaterday but the rebate processing site at TD says "no rebate found". I called TD and was given the number of a nice lady in India who after 20 minutes of me waiting said first "no rebate found" and after a long wait that the rebate "was only for 5 lanyards". Utter BS-the daily deal doesn't give choices like that!

7249e640, 2014-09-05, 06:00PM CDT

I too sent in a $20 rebate on EVGA card sold by Newegg. Same old story - they never received the mail. I imagine a certain percentage of the mail is ordered lost automatically. It went somewhere? I never have a problem with USPS. That's what a return address on the envelope is for. I have taken a vow to never if possible buy another item with mail in rebate attached no matter who is supposedly honoring it. If everyone does this they will go away and so would the scammers. #### Do not buy rebate attached items ####...PERIOD!!!!

Newegg sent me a gift card for the rebate this scammer would not pay. Trouble is there was nothing I wanted at the time. When something did come up the short term gift card had expired! So much for that!. Thank you Newegg for trying but I am done dealing with any rebates if I can help it. Put something on sale with a mail in rebate and I won't even bother. Not worth the high blood pressure!

5226733a, 2014-11-06, 12:59PM CST

I'm having this same problem. They said I didn't send my UPC in but that I could send it within 30 days. I can't send what I already sent. I shared a picture of the box with the area where the UPC was cut out but nothing has happened yet. I filed with the Better Business Bureau also. I wish I had looked into these guys before but trusted Tigerdirect was better than this....

e23ea217, 2015-05-12, 05:43PM CDT

I've had the same problem with 2 rebates. Lost in the mail, missing this or that, etc. A total fraud!

Curt J., 2015-05-12, 08:52PM CDT

I see a number of items from Tiger Direct listed on Slick Deals as "free" with rebate. Free. That ought to tell you something about how they expect their rebates to work. How long could TD last giving away their inventory? Oh and the rebate vender? 4myrebate.

James K., 2015-06-05, 07:17PM CDT

Looks like I'm not alone. Purchased an XFX Power Supply from newegg.com and xfx.4myrebate.com sent an email stating I didn't send them a valid receipt/packing slip. Well, it was the exact same receipt I received when I placed my order online. There is no other document of the transaction. I followed the rebate center's link to the photocopies of the documents they received from me and the receipt is there, clear and legible as required. Still, they denied my rebate. I'm giving them one last chance to rectify the situation or I'm reporting them as scammers to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

Randy S., 2015-12-29, 03:59PM CST

4myrebate.com declined my $40 rebate for two ASUS monitors from Amazon even though 1) They received it, 2) They scanned it in, and 3) I can download what they scanned in. They said that my Copy of Legible Receipt/Invoice or Packing List was missing, and yet there it is plain as day on the scanned document.

Invoice - a demand payment outlining the product, quantity, and price due, and directions for the remittance. I've met my obligation to file an Invoice with my rebate, all of the elements of an invoice have been met.

Note: I always copy what I send in to the rebate company. If I don't hear back or get a confirmation, I look 'em backup and send them a copy of what I sent earlier.

I have filed a complaint with ASUS about their selection of a rebate processing company.

I do plan on filing in small claims court if this is not approved as submitted. I've met my side of the contract, they have yet to meet their side of the contract.

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