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Posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 11:22pm CST by Linda C.

Product: drywall

Company: T and R Drywall

Location: 925 Scott King Rd, Durham N.C.
DURHAM, NC, 27713, US

Category: Products, Services

I called Roger Turley after being taken by a company called Care Services who slashed up my house 13,000 repairs and send bill for 28,000

dollars. taking them to court in chap 7 to say can't pay and get my items returned. 2nd contractor took 1000 and did 40 dollars of sheetrock. Third contractor took 13000 and only did 4000 of sheetrock

badly and left marks around outlets covered over. He did not fix 13000

damages in bathroom but threw his heavy equipment in the bathtub. It is

scratched and he did not complete job but went awal and said he had death in family two weeks ago. he took 9000 for materials he did not

buy, and since he is with Angie's list, they are trying to get it back.

Never let this man touch your house. he promised the sky but never

finished and does a poor joy and leaves his equipment all over the

place and dirtied my new carpet. He cost me 6000 in expenses for items

he never bought I paid for and left unfinished knowing I had a deadline.

Do not let him touch your property. he took me for 9000 for nothing.

He left the job and went crazy. he did not answer email or phone.

He is a kid of late 20's probably and his picture is here drinking

beer and he rides a motorcycle. certainly not a business man. or a

man at all but a little boy. he get cranky when you speak loud to him.

when you are upset he isn't finished days after he promised. he is

totally incompetent, and do not hire him. He took thousands for

material he never obtained nor brought and ruined the ones that

were there. there are holes in the bathroom covering for the wall.

He never bought the materials given money for but kept adding bills.

you don't want him to do a job for you. do not give him a key to your

house. I have to have the lock redone. a hundred dollars at least wasted

plus the 9000 for materials never bought.

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terri l., 2014-11-10, 10:43AM CST

This is not

T&R Drywall,

That company is Turley Drywall.

T &R is a gentlemen age of 51,

Unfortunate that this happened to this man,

But I need to correct the deference between the 2 companies.

Thank you

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