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Posted on Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 8:57am CST by Bach V.

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Everytime I submitted my rebate, GF always used the excuses that there's no much information and rejected my rebate. When I called the Claim Department's customer # , they rushed to hung off and told me I can call back during the work hour Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm but when I called back at 5pm.... guess what? Office is closed. I called GF told free line and asked for fax # of Claim Dept... the answer is "we don't have claim dept's fax number but numbers". I asked her why the office hours on the letter is Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm but only 5pm, the office was closed. She said she doesn't know. Most of the times, they rejected my rebate no matter what and waste a lot of time to argue with them... turned out all the numbers they have given me to fax are not in the services...


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