Cen Com Inc - Avoid this fradulent company

Posted on Sunday, December 8th, 2013 at 4:40pm CST by Rajesh R.

Company: Cen Com Inc

Location: 8525 120th Ave NE, Ste 222

URL: http://www.alarmmonitoringservices.com/

Category: Products, Services

I signed a 24 month alarm monitoring service contract with this company on 7/9/2011. They completed my 24 month term on 6/30 eventhough nothing in the terms and conditions states that I will not get the full 24 months. I was put on a month to month plan on 7/1/2013 and was charged $19.95. I cancelled on 7/6/2013 but they charged me another 2 months - $39.90.

Per the terms and conditions there is a 60 day advance notice required for cancelling any plan including the month to month plan. I cancelled before my 24 month plan was supposed to end on 7/9/2013 so even with the 60 day cancellation requirement I should of only been charged an extra $39.90 instead of $59.85. They refused to work with me to satisy my complaint.

Their website says that "you can cancel anytime" but even for month to month subscribers they will be charged an extra 60 days when cancelling. What is to stop them from having a 360 day advance notice cancellation requirement and saying you can cancel anytime? This company is a scam. There have been several complaints against them so the attorney general has even taken action against this company. Avoid this company at all costs. If all consumers take a stand against this fraudulant company it will go out of business.

This is the gov action on the company

On September 6, 2012 the Washington State Attorney Generals Office entered into a consent decree with Cencom,Inc. a Kirkland, WA business.

Cencom Inc. and all successors are hereby permanently enjoined and restrained from directly or indirectly engaging in failing to clearly and conspicuously disclose the material terms of alarm monitoring services, Misrepresenting that Cencom is a BBB Accredited Business if it is not, Failing to offer valid agreements to consumers, failure to disclose early termination fees, failing to obtain a consumer's explicit informed consent of the Terms and Conditions of the agreement and misleading "free" advertising.

Cencom shall provide two reports to the Washington Attorney Generals Office. Each report Cencom will set forth the changes it made, why those changes were made and what those changes are intended to accomplish. Upon entry of this Consent Decree, Cencom will immediately cease and desist all billing activity against any consumer who has previously attempted to cancel their account but was denied due to Cencom's practices, all collections activity against any consumer whose alleged debt was incurred due to the practices of Cencom and within 45 days of the entry of the decree Cencom agrees to send letters of explanation to all relevant credit reporting agencies explaining the reason for any collections actions against Cencom customers. Cencom will request that all record of such collections actions be expunged from the credit reports of affected customers.

This agreed upon refund program will expire 75 days from the entry of the Decree and Cencom shall mail refund checks to all consumer who have responded to the the email Cencom has sent out in order to determine the amount necessary to compensate the consumers for the early termination fee that the consumer actually paid to Cencom.


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