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Posted on Sunday, December 8th, 2013 at 4:10pm CST by robert o.

Company: amity manufacturing co.

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I have posted the following on NIB?s Facebook account several times , but each time it has been removed . Obviously NIB does not care to address this issue of why they process Chinese and Japanese writing instruments for GSA ( our government ) as opposed to USA made pens. This is just not right . we need jobs in USA not China.Here it goes:

? I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I did not because of the problems I have with this whole National Institute for the Blind organization. I own Amity Manufacturing Co, AKA Amity Rubberized Pen Co. We are a small USA manufacturing company located in California that used to only manufacture writing instruments. We molded our own components and used to private label a couple of million stic pens a year for Office Depot, 700,000 to BofA, etc. We had a 3 shift operation employing 25 people. We also supplied writing instrument parts to 28 states and the federal government through West Texas Lighthouse for the Blind. Then the Chinese and Japanese pens started coming in and we lost all state businesses except Texas and the federal government with only our highlighter and double ended pen business. This all happened under the leadership of Mr. Dave Wells, director at West Texas lighthouse. Now Mr. Wells has also joined the foray and replaced our USA made markers with, what I believe are, Chinese pens. At this point I have had enough. The NIB organization, though a noble organization, lives off of the generosity of American people and their government, yet it seems it feels no responsibility toward the society that supports it. It eliminates American jobs and creates Chinese and Japanese jobs. I am in contact with GSA and I will pursue this matter via all media possible. I have had similar problems with 3 other lighthouses, San Antonio, Kansas City, and Milwaukee due to the special friendship that existed between them and a Mr. John Tucker who was an agent for a Japanese pen co. I will explain more in my future posts. Enough is enough. My e mail is

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robert o., 2013-12-18, 11:38PM CST

There is a mistake in the above . Amity Manufacturing is the plaintiff . The complaint is against GSA and National Institute for the Blind headquartered at 1901 N. Beauregard , Alexandria , Virginia , 22311 , Tel No. 703 998 0770.I can not find their e mail.

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