Posted on Saturday, December 7th, 2013 at 1:30pm CST by Pamela C.

Company: Microsoft

Location: REDMOND, WA, US

Category: Online Shopping

Where to begin-In a nutshell, I ordered an Xbox One on Microsoft online store. I had to also order 2 games and a 12-month membership to Xbox live. I immediately realized that the charges went through twice on PAYPAL. I IMMEDIATELY contacted BOTH PayPal and Microsoft. To make a long story short (I am so drained fighting with both companies for the past week), my ENTIRE bank account was drained with UNAUTHORIZED charges. I was charged $1470.30 despite repeated attempts to DISPUTE this. I trusted PayPal when they guaranteed me that the charges would not go through. I believed Microsoft when they too promised me my orders were cancelled. But every time I went on PayPal, the charges were still there.

Yet, in my naivet?, I assumed that a large company like Microsoft certainly wouldn't STEAL my money. And, I assumed that PAYPAL - a large company - wouldn't STEAL my money. Well I was wrong and as a result, my ENTIRE bank account has been emptied and there is nowhere to turn for help. PayPal and MICROSOFT conveniently NEVER let you speak to anybody with authority. They LIE constantly and they don't give a damn that you are a human being. They should be held accountable for their clear ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, and just plain WRONG treatment to the consumers that made them what they are today. I will not rest until I get justice. I want others to read this before they make the same mistake that I did.

PLEASE DO NOT TRUST PAYPAL OR MICROSOFT. THEY WILL ROB YOU OF AS MUCH AS THEY CAN, and if you have had the same experience, write to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission and file a report, contact any and all news agencies with your story like CNN and FOX. It may seem pointless considering how large MICROSOFT and PAYPAL is but if more and more victims share their experiences, eventually MICROSOFT and PAYPAL will get the punishment that they deserve.


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