Antonietti Marine - Fraudulent Business Practices BUYERS BEWARE Antonietti Marine

Posted on Saturday, December 7th, 2013 at 9:13am CST by 065319a1

Product: Boat Sales

Company: Antonietti Marine

Location: 13825 Old Dixie Hwy
HUDSON, FL, 34667, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

After lengthy negotiations with this company my wife and I, both in our 50s and semi-retired, made a deal that was documented in writing by email and accepted by this company to by a boat. We were told to come to the dealer and sign papers and test sea test the boat. When we got there they refused to let us sea test the boat unless we paid more money. The refused to let us have someone professionally inspect the boat to be sure it was sea worthy. Then when we were still willing to buy the boat without the inspection they said they would not sell it at the agreed price. We must pay them more money. That is an obvious bait and switch crime. There are federal laws prohibiting such activity. When they refused to sell us the boat I told my wife that we were leaving. I stated that we would spread the word about such tactics and then we left the building. As we walked across the parking lot towards our car Anthony Antonietti came running out screaming and waving his fist, threatening us. It was obvious he was going to attack us. It was very scary. He is a big man and we are both in our 50s in poor health. My wife has cancer and I am suffering from episodes of serious vertigo. It was only when I stepped between him and my wife and shouted for her to start video taping that he abruptly stopped charging us. I should have known when he refused to let us have the boat inspected by a professional boat inspector that he was dishonest. His salesman Michael Vincent also refused to let me have the boat inspected. He said that I didn't need to because Antonetti already inspected it themselves. When I asked boat inspectors in the area to cone inspect the boat anyway, no one in the area would do it. They all said they would not step foot on his property. I would have to bring the boat to them. Antonetti refused. This company is obviously preying on older residents with this illegal activity. Caveat Emptor!


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