Leatherup.com - Bogus sizing chart to create extra sales scam

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 1:43pm CST by Bruce and Dr. Katia W.

Product: Leather Jacket

Company: Leatherup.com

Location: US

URL: leatherup.com

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Leatherup.com is using one or more bogus sizing charts when you buy a jacket from them. I recently bought two jackets, which their chart for that specific jacket fits up to a 48 inch chest, which they designate as size large. When I received the jackets by FedEx they are actually more like size small. Jessica and David both claimed that I should have known to get an XL or XXL, even though they admit by silence that the size chart claims those coats would be extremely large.

Both Jessica and David hanged up on me several times, deliberately provoking me to yell at them finally after they constantly talked over me. They said they would send me a paid postage return label but would then do an investigation, and if the sizing chart was accurate they would bill me for shipping. I told them that was a poor response and that it was clear they would investigate and falsely conclude their fraudulent chart is correct.

They clearly do this to increase sales, hoping people will fail to return the under-sized items they trick you into buying. Also, they make the absurd claim that a 48 inch chest means the measurement of their coat from the outside. I stated to them that coats in a men's store, if it says 44 inch chest, it means it is for a man with a 44 inch chest, not some ridiculous irrelevant measurement of the outside of the coat.

They do this in hopes especially that people will end up buying twice as much as normal, because people don't want to bother with doing a return, and they exploit the fact that a totally new order with a much larger size order to obtain the size you really need is much faster than going through a return, wait, and re-order process that includes they inspect the product for defects, damage they claim you may have caused, etc.

This is how leatherup.com gets Christmas bonuses, or at least dishonest employees of theirs. I tried to explain that I am a 100% service-connected disabled war veteran and this kind of drama and lying and deception to financially harm and waste my time is very distressing to me due to a head injury and ptsd from way too much combat, but they could care less about that, only about the fact that they are backing each other up. When they tell you someone will call, no one does, and when you call you get a stooge who is ready to continue the scam. I may just keep the jackets, like i told them, because they do this for a living on purpose,they commit interstate mail fraud and racketeering on a daily basis. This company did not use to be like this. They have reallly gone down hill lately with this egregious scam that exploits even disabled war veterans who they think are dumb enough to submit to their cruelty and dishonest money wasting and time wasting fraud! I am reallly sick of dishonest companies like this. Honest companies thrive because of people like Jessica and David at messed up Leatherup.com I told them I will warn others about this, and they said they could care less. I have already warned my neighbor who is a former customer of theirs like me. We have had it with companies like this, and will tell many other customers of theirs to be very aware of this scam! and, if you are veteran, especially a disabled vet, steer clear of these people and this company, that's my advice learned the hard way after trusting them for years!


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