Ryan Heating - MR D Smith

Posted on Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 7:18am CST by D S.

Product: Clean a Boiler

Company: Ryan Heating

Location: 11 Comfort Street Rochester, NY 14620

URL: www.ryanserviceny.com

Category: Home, Garden

My Son in law bought a house with a 3 year old boiler and asked me about what needed to be done to get it started up for the winter heating season. I have always cleaned my own furnace but was not quite sure about a boiler. I told him to have someone come and clean it and to watch them so he would know how to do it next year. He called Ryan they cleaned it and found one of the three burners not turning on they said he needed a new manifold and gas valve. I told him to hold off till I could look at it. Mind you Ryan was hired to clean the boiler. I removed the burner not firing up and found a spider web in it I removed the spider web and put the burner back and wow the burner fired right up. They wanted to sell me a Manifold and gas valve. I would think cleaning the burner would be part of the boiler cleaning job. How many people has Ryan Ripped Off or was the person just to stupid to determine what was wrong if so why are they sending incompetent people to work on boilers.


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