Metropolitan Moving - Worst Moving Company Ever

Posted on Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 2:37pm CST by Carolynn

Product: Moving Company

Company: Metropolitan Moving

Location: EDMONTON, AB, CA


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

This is their advertisement - Totally False as I experienced abuse, broken and missing items as well as a hole in my wall.

How many of you experienced being harassed by a moving company?s staff or movers? Some of these horror stories include, giving of rough estimation in the beginning only to add on tremendous extra charges on the way (sometimes after). Worse is that they hold back your items return it to you once you agree to pay the price they insist upon. It is paying a ransom on kidnapped items. Other times, movers simply treat your items recklessly and damage everything you have entrusted them. These things never happened if you only booked with Edmonton Moving Services---the pioneer in the moving industry.

I booked this moving company for August 3rd. Movers were 2 hours late.

Rather than getting 2 fast, experienced movers that I was promised I got 2 overweight/obese teenagers that obviously did not know what they were doing PLUS a ranting, abusive driver. They had to take a break every 15 minutes etc. etc....

When they arrived at my new home my sister would not let them park a truck with dual axle wheels on my front lawn. The sidewalk is literally 20 steps. The driver started yelling at my sister and said it would take twice as long to deliver the furniture.

Boxes were dumped upside down - broken contents. Brand new teak table was scratched, teak bookcase had top veneer ripped right off. Hole in wall. AND my vintage barbie doll (skooter) and her case were missing.

I tried numerous emails and phone calls to the company - I was only asking for $330 refund of a $1,200 bill. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Company offered me less than a $100 and kept telling me to call the mover myself. He is an employee/contractor of Metropolitan moving, so they should deal with him. Given his ranting and abusive behaviour, I had no intention of speaking with him again.

Still no refund, no apology, no satisfation.



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