Hilton smythe commercial - Review on them ripping people off

Posted on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 at 5:40pm CST by Martin M.

Product: Business transfer agent

Company: Hilton smythe commercial

Location: Evans business park Bolton
BOLTON, Bl3 2nz, UK

URL: Www.Hiltonsmythecommercial.com

Category: Real Estate

I also was contacted by this company hilton smythe commercial,was sold the same story pay me upfront and we will sell your business for you.i have only just thought about looking online at other reviews and am not surprised to see there are complaints about this company,they even promised to pay my legal costs once sold how ironic as they are now billing me full fees or they will take me to court, but I still haven't sold my business and still own it,they have lied from beginning to end,I can't believe I was this stupid to trust them they are so underhand,I question if they even wanted to sell my business or just sue me,my advice please don't believe a word they say learn from my mistakes.


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