Staples - Merchant canceled order

Posted on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at 7:06pm CST by Fred H.

Product: Black Friday Sales

Company: Staples

Location: 500 Staples Drive


Category: Online Shopping

I ordered two iPads as part of an amazing Black Friday sale. The items were reported as available, the order was processed, an email confirmation with expected delivery was sent, and my credit card showed a pending transaction. A few days later, I tried checking on the order, only to be told the order was canceled. After three phone calls and an online chat that together totaled 2.5 hours, I have only been told that there is an "alert" set for someone to research this and tell me why it had been canceled. There is no one denying the order, but no one is saying that the order will be fulfilled for customer relations. Because this order was connected with high profile marketing schemes (Black Friday sales), I am curious if this was a ploy such that Staples took orders and quickly canceled those that were for the sales items.

Update: 12/5/13

Staples contacted me to fulfill the order. They said that the order required verification and that they attempted to contact me that effect. I have no record, but I commend them for attempting to fulfill the order. In the end, they required a new order to be created so with the additional paperwork for my office, I am letting the order go, i.e., canceled. I am recommending my university not use Staples for anything but strategic sourcing and will not use Staples from my office again. I will reserve speculation about Staples' practices regarding uncommunicated verification and quiet cancelation of orders surrounding major marketing schemes to the reader.


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