Posted on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at 12:04am CST by Melanie D.

Product: Beauty Spa

Company: Skinful Med Spa

Location: 250 Queen Street W 2nd Floor Toronto, ON M5V 1Z7


Category: Health, Beauty

My complaint is as follows: The owners of this spa have partnered up with Louise Proulx or Louise Talbot. She uses both names to hide from legal authorities. She is helping Natasha and Carolyna who are in charge of Skinful Med Spa to steal money from trustworthy customers. Louise Talbot is best known for using outdated equipment and unsupervised, untrained staff!! She keeps them on the tight leash. if things don't go her away, she fires them without pay. What kind of service do you think she will bring into Skinful Spa??! Think about it!

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Carolina R., 2013-12-03, 09:32PM CST

To the person posting these malicious reviews regarding my clinic, Skinful Med Spa, our staff members and myself, Carolina R., stop immediately. These reviews made by "Melanie D" as well as other similar reviews made in various other websites with the same content are absolutely false and malicious. This is cyberbulling and harassment ; legal action is being taken and the authorities have been contacted. You are on notice. You are to cease and desist. This behavior will no longer be tolerated.





To consumers reading these reviews. We at Skinful Med Spa, strive to provide the utmost customer service to each and every client that walks into our clinic. We believe that clients deserve outstanding services from a clinic that can provide and operate with honesty and integrity so as to build a solid rapport. And we proudly do so. We encourage you to visit our clinic to see exactly what it entails and hear what our real customers really think of us.

Thank you

Carolina R

Owner of Skinful Med Spa

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