Verizon Broadband / Fios - Since 2007 to Date

Posted on Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 4:24pm CST by Tammie H.

Product: TV Phone Internet

Company: Verizon Broadband / Fios

Location: MA, 01747, US


Category: Unauthorized Charges

I had refinanced my home of 22 years so I took out money for my daughter's education and I was going to get my bachelor's. I was paying them by check. They called in Nov 06 to tell me that they were putting packages together with Direct Tv. I was excited as I only had one bill of $99.00. I am living on SSDI planned on getting off. I got a call from Paula Traver at bank and she said that Verizon was taking out by ACH 100, 200, 300, up to 500 payments. I also had Id theft. But, all my bills in 2007 were not bills they were demands for 300. I was paying them by check. I was shut off numerous times always during the week by Direct Tv who was also taking out 293.29 a month and I was paying them. I had called right away with the bills, themselves they said I wasn't reading them right. I faxed them the emails which they deleted but i wrote down the numbers through out the years. They would say "Thank you for your direct debit payment. I have called Boston Utilities I sent them bank statements bills with numbers that belonged to other companies. Every month i was charged $1,000 or more. It says Verizon on them they now have taken over $15,000 the amount I took out. I moved and changed my number they still charged me for old number new number in that house and three numbers in this house. Nobody will help me and now my home is in foreclosure. I have begged for years for my money for Christmas Money for a free, pro bono lawyer. I can't get anywhere. It's not 100 dollars or 1,000 it is over 15,000. They said I was lying about having DVR in my home would ship me boxes only to fit the DVR I had the cheap fat ones. They have insulted me I suffered 4 breakdowns and worked on it for 4 years in s sick way. They have taken everything from me. I have so much proof they know it, they just don't want to work on it which it is done.


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