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Posted on Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 9:27pm CST by Todd G.

Product: Satellite Service

Company: Dish Network

Location: US


Category: Telecommunications

I've had Dish Network for over 10 years. Every day I see their ads on TV and see the special offers in the junk mail. Discounted rates, the latest DVRs, free movie channels...but when I call them, a customer of over 10 years, I can't get THOSE offers. THOSE offers are for NEW customers. OLD customers like me can't have them. Or anything like them.

I have called their customer service numerous times because my receivers crash and malfunction. However, I can't get an upgraded DVR without paying an extra $5 a month, and committing to another 2 years, and giving them unfettered access to my checking or credit card account. I think what I've been paying for the last 10 years is more than enough.

A while back I was told that everyone with equipment as old as mine would get free upgrades within a few months. That never happened.

Their customer support people all speak with an accent from you-know-where that you can't understand. They hide the details of the agreement and try to gloss over critical stuff that might come back to haunt you later. They use deceptive language and bury the fine print where you can't find it on their web site. (You have to create a "My Dish" account" to see the legal terms.)

A few months ago they tried to charge my Father-in-law nearly $500 when we sent his unit back and they found it to be in "unacceptable" condition. What they didn't know was that he had one of their local service men unhook the unit, inspect it, package it in front of us, and then ship it. It took 5 months of constant hassle to get Dish to remove the charge from his account.

Please, whatever you do, steer clear of Dish Network.

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807e543a, 2014-04-04, 09:57PM CDT

Todd G.,

I saw your post and wanted to provide some information! Please understand that all customers, depending on what they qualify for, receive whatever promotional offers we have running at the time they start with us and that you received yours of comparable value when you first activated. Please email me your account number at [email protected] if you'd like me to review your options with you. Thanks!

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