Donated Dental Services of Virginia - Complaint About Denial of Service

Posted on Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 3:51pm CST by Alison H.

Product: Dental Serivces

Company: Donated Dental Services of Virginia

Location: 1800 15th Street Suite 100 Denver CO 80202

Category: Other

I applied for the Richmond VA Donated Dental Services program and was in the program on the waiting list. I spoke with Kate Hanger, about the program and I expressed concern about what inputs I had in my own treatment. She took me off of the list for services that day, telling me that she'd looked up my Linkdin accounts, that I was still actively looking for work, which isn't true. She also looked up my Facebook account and saw that I ice skated. I did that for a period of time because I have a hard time finding exercises that are compatible with my previous injuries. This was in 2009. I gave it up at that time, but I called recently to the current director and told her what happened. She looked it up previously and said that Ms. Hanger marked that I was able to afford my own medical and dental care. That is not true! I get 807 a month to live on. My dental needs are extreme.

I think this program is unfair, and that Ms. Hanger slandered me. I would like the national organization to contact me by return email. Ms. Hanger could have endangered my life and health by her manipulations. She lied.

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