Super Rooter and Plumbing - Bait and Switch Plumbing Scam

Posted on Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 6:31pm CST by yk b.

Product: Super Rooter and Plumbing

Company: Super Rooter and Plumbing

Location: 2900 W 4th Ave Denver, CO 80219
DENVER CO, CO, 80219, US

Category: Home, Garden

Hired Super Rooter and Plumbing to snake a secondary drain for $59 (their regular price). Tom (I think he is the owner's brother) said 2 secondary drains needed snaked, one for $59 (bathroom) the other would cost $75 (kitchen). Then after snaking these 2 secondary drains, the pipe under the kitchen sink broke when he was removing the P-trap. It would cost $349 to attach new pipe. If it needed to be run clear to basement, it would cost $1500! When he was finished after only 2 hours total, he said it "fortunately" it only needed attached just under the sink and "only" cost $349. I thought this would include the snaking, but he ADDED the $75 PLUS the $59 to the $349. The price was nearly $500 for LESS THAN TWO HOURS OF LABOR. He had all the parts in his vehicle and didn't need to go get anything. I should have refused to pay this much money for less than 2 hours of work. How did he snake the kitchen drain before removing the P-trap? And if this was done, why did he have to remove the P-trap? Total scam. Don't use them.


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